‘BB19’ Spoilers: Veto Competition Preview, Additional ‘BB19’ News And CBS Live Feeds Updates

BB19 spoilers for Saturday will primarily focus on the Week 11 Veto Competition. Before that takes place, though a lot of BB19 news has come from the CBS live feeds overnight, setting the stage for September 9 to be pretty exciting to fans. Before the five remaining houseguests get to the Power of Veto later on Saturday, it’s time to take a quick look back at the BB19 spoilers that have come from the live feeds over the past few days.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there were a lot of Big Brother 19 spoilers from September 7-8. That includes Josh Martinez winning the Head of Household, presumably with some help from his friends. There had been a plan in place for Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, and Kevin Schlehuber to throw the HOH Competition. Josh won, so it appears that everything was carried out how Christmas and Paul wanted, but confirmation on those BB19 spoilers will likely come during the Sunday night episode (September 10).

At the Nomination Ceremony, Josh Martinez put Alex Ow and Kevin Schlehuber on the block, an emotional move for him that could mean one of two things. During the overnight hours, Josh confirmed to Christmas Abbott and Paul Abrahamian that he is honoring their final three deal. That’s not the end of the BB19 spoilers, though, as Josh also verbally expressed an alternative plan on Friday that he may be ready to roll out at the Veto Ceremony.

For a while now, Josh has been suspicious of Paul, even bringing it up to Christmas on several occasions. Josh doesn’t trust Paul to take him to the final three, even though that would actually help Paul get closer to the $500,000 prize. Speaking to the cameras from the HOH room, Josh talked about how this is the time to backdoor Paul and that he should take the opportunity to do it at the Veto Ceremony. This led to a lot of BB19 rumors on social media, with many fans hoping that Josh would indeed make a bold move like that.

There is a lot of additional BB19 news that is going to come out on Saturday, including the extremely important Veto results. If Paul Abrahamian wins the Power of Veto, then he is safe from the other plan that Josh Martinez has concocted. If Alex Ow finds a way to win the Veto, though, it could change everything, as Josh will be forced to use Paul or Christmas Abbott as the replacement nominee. Stay tuned fans of the show, because, by the end of the night, a new wave of Big Brother 19 spoilers could predict an exciting Week 11Eviction Ceremony.

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