Watch The Real Pacho Herrera From Cali Cartel Turn Himself In To Colombian Police

Helmer Herrera, also known as Pacho, was a ruthless drug lord and fourth in command in the Cali Cartel. If you have finished watching Narcos Season 3, you will be aware of how the Cali Cartel bosses ended up.

Warning: There will be Narcos Season 3 spoilers in this article.

Many fans of Narcos do research on the characters after watching the series since it is based on real people. There are not many photos of Pacho; however, there is footage of the well-dressed cartel boss turning himself into the Colombian police.

In the video, which you can watch below, was taken in 1996 — two years before his death. As shown in the finale of the third season, Pacho was shot to death while he was in prison, but he did not die in his lover’s arm. Rather, Pacho was assassinated by a man whom he knew and he was shot seven times in the head and chest after going to greet his would-be assassin.

He later died from his wounds in a hospital, according to the Washington Post. Pacho was the last Cali Cartel boss to be imprisoned as he managed to evade multiple raids by the police. He turned himself in after making a deal with the police with his lawyers.

In the video where Pacho talks to the press, he is asked how he feels about extradition to which he replies in Spanish stating the following, according to the Associated Press.

“Do I believe in extraditions, no, I don’t because this is a sovereign, democratic country. And I don’t think democracy in this country should be disrupted by the extradition of a person who may very well be innocent.”

Herrera managed to avoid getting extradited to the United States because Colombia’s extradition law applied to crimes committed after 1997 and Pacho was arrested a year before the law changed.

Gilberto and Miguel Rodriguez were extradited to the United States many years later and given 30-year sentences.

Pacho Herrera is portrayed by Alberto Ammann in the Netflix hit series Narcos. According to journalist William Rempel, who wrote a book on the Cali Cartel, Pacho was openly homosexual and lead a group of ruthless hitmen in the cartel. He was flamboyant and his billions bought him an extravagant lifestyle.

Pacho Herrera died at the age of 47.

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