Kristen Bell Confirms She’s In The Path Of Hurricane Irma & Can’t Evacuate

Kristen Bell is revealing how she’s preparing for Hurricane Irma.

The Frozen actress took to Instagram on September 8 to confirm that she’s in the path of the incoming storm and can’t evacuate the area.

Kristen, who’s currently in Orlando, Florida, to film her upcoming Netflix comedy Like Father, revealed on the social media site that she “can’t leave” the area but is staying “positive but cautious” as she hunkers down to prepare for the storm.

Posting a snap of herself and a friend stocking up on supplies, Kristen confirmed that she was weathering the hurricane at Walt Disney World’s Swan and Dolphin hotel at Epcot and thanked staff for helping her to “feel safe” as the hurricane approaches Florida.

Bell didn’t confirm if her children are also in Orlando with her, though husband Dax Shephard appeared to confirm that his daughters are away with their mom after he wrote on Instagram on August 19 that he “hates it” when his girls are away.

Kristen and Dax are parents to two daughters, 4-year-old Lincoln, and 2-year-old Delta.

Irma has already ripped through the Caribbean Islands and caused mass devastation. New York Times is reporting at least 20 people are thought to have died as a result.

“Last run to the store for #irma hurricane holdover prep while bracing down in Orlando,” Bell revealed in the caption of her Instagram photo, telling her followers that she “didn’t have the option to leave” and so has to hunker down and wait it out.

Kristen also confirmed that she was doing her best to help those in need as Florida braces itself for the hurricane, which was recently downgraded from a Category 5 storm to a Category 4 storm as it heads for the Florida Keys.

“Just doing our best and trying to stay positive but cautious, and trying to help those who need help prepping,” Bell said, offering up the touching news that she saw Florida residents rallying around each other and helping one another as Irma approaches.

[Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney]

“Every person I passed today was assisting someone else,” Kristen added in the caption her photo, revealing how Orlando, Florida, residents are preparing for the worst. She called seeing people helping one another was “beautiful to see.”

“Sad that a hurricane has to bring out the best in everyone,” Bell added, “but happy that the community will be holding hands through this.”

Kristen’s confession that she wasn’t given the option to leave the area comes shortly after New York Times reported that Gov. Rick Scott urged residents of the lower half of Florida to evacuate the area immediately as Irma is expected to make landfall on mainland U.S. on the evening of September 9.

Florida residents in Punta Gorda evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma. [Image by Brian Blanco/Getty Images]

On September 6, Bell confirmed that she was taking one last trip to the beach with her friends and called Irma a “nasty b***” as she snapped a photo of the storm clouds in the distance.

“Irma you nasty b***h! One last beach visit with the #likefather cast watching the storm come in before [evacuation] begins,” Kristen captioned a snap of herself relaxing on the sand, adding, “Stay safe ft Lauderdale!!”

The latest hurricane to hit the U.S. comes just days after parts of Texas were ravaged by Hurricane Harvey, which caused mass flooding in several areas and saw celebrities donate millions to the victims.

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