Jolie Not Afraid Of Bell’s Palsy Ending Her Career, Actress Revisits Acting In ‘Maleficent 2’

Angelina Jolie revealed that she suffered from Bell’s palsy shortly after her split with Brad Pitt. Many tabloids took this as the end of her career. Amidst these claims, the actress will reportedly make a comeback in acting with Maleficent 2.

In the July issue of Vanity Fair, Jolie revealed that she developed Bell’s palsy shortly after she filed for divorce last year. The condition, which causes temporary paralysis on one side of the face, is deemed as the culprit in ending Jolie’s career. Tabloids are making a feast out of this. However, Gossip Cop exclusively confirmed that this isn’t the case.

Jolie’s health has been a constant subject of many tabloids. The 42-year-old actress’s alleged eating disorders and mental health issues were the constant headlines of tabloid news. To make matters worse, Bell’s palsy has now been added to the list right after Jolie’s Vanity Fair interview was released. The magazine’s cover story revealed that Jolie suffered from the viral infection last year but successfully recovered from it. However, tabloids just won’t let this slide off.

Amidst the public scrutiny of her ongoing divorce from the Fight Club star, a source claims that Jolie is afraid that the condition will end her career. Furthermore, her condition may trample down the empire she has built out of acting.

“[It’s] the last thing in the world that Angelina wanted after she was buried in the press and painted as the bad guy after she split from Brad.”

Jolie returns as the ultimate villain in "Maleficient 2".
Jolie isn’t afraid of Bell’s palsy ending her career. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

However, Gossip Cop pointed out that Jolie has fully recovered from the viral infection. While she did indeed experience paralysis on one side of her face, it was just for a short while. The online magazine clarifies that the actress’s face is definitely back to normal. Moreover, its own set of insiders assured that the Mr. & Mrs. Smith actress is in good health. She never feared that the disorder would ruin her career. Tabloids are simply sensationalizing the condition to create controversy.

In fact, Jolie is set to make a comeback with Maleficent 2, according to Deadline. The actress will reprise her role as the main villain in the sequel. This comes after she wrapped up directing her own film First They Killed My Father. Contrary to tabloid claims, it appears that the Salt star is still on top of her career.

Furthermore, the UN special envoy said that it’s about time to return to the front of the camera as she is now the breadwinner of the family. More so, she isn’t currently working on any directorial project, so the timing is just right. However, First They Killed My Father won’t be the last film she’ll be directing. She admitted to THR that she’d like to sit in the director’s chair if given a chance.

“But you just don’t know if you can have a career as a director. You don’t know how things are going to be received.”

In her interview, she admitted that she took a year off while she deals the onset of her divorce. At present, both Jolie and Pitt are taking their time in finalizing their divorce.

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