Major Backstage Heat Between Paul Heyman And WWE Creative Over Lesnar’s Booking

The WWE Universe may not appreciate Brock Lesnar vanishing for months with the WWE Universal Title, but most people would admit that his feuds and matches have been great when he does perform. As it turns out, a huge reason for that has to do with Paul Heyman fighting for Lesnar’s booking behind the scenes. It’s being reported that he has a lot of pull backstage over Brock’s booking, especially with Vince McMahon.

Heyman has a lot of input and influence to change creative plans or convince Vince McMahon that heading in another direction is the right course of action. This has been pivotal for Brock Lesnar, but a lot of people backstage don’t like Heyman being able to pull strings. Specifically, Heyman has some backstage heat with WWE’s creative team because they feel threatened by the pull that Paul has with the top powers that be.

The general feeling from WWE Creative is that Brock Lesnar wouldn’t put up a fight to work the angles that they come up with for him, so having to deal with Paul Heyman complicates creative. Many of the people in creative don’t want to work on Brock’s angles because they know Heyman will change their work anyway.

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A lot of people may criticize Paul Heyman for complicating the process and to let creative do their job. On the other hand, some people will question why WWE Creative is fighting the chance to use Paul Heyman’s experience and him being hands on is a big reason why Brock Lesnar continues to be one of the top draws in the company. Heading into WWE No Mercy, it seems the conflict between the two parties will continue.

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The fact is Paul Heyman is involved in almost all of Brock Lesnar’s segments. Since he does the majority of the work on the microphone, it makes sense that Heyman would want to get involved with how the promos are being written. Whatever conflict there is between WWE Creative and Heyman is clearly working. Brock Lesnar is still WWE’s top draw for the company and that will continue no matter what happens next year with his contract negotiations.

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