Hulk Hogan Still Training For One More Match With WWE?

It’s been over two years since Hulk Hogan has appeared for WWE in any capacity. Hogan’s departure from the company was messy and will always remain a black cloud on his legacy. However, it seems that enough time has passed by for the WWE Universe to forgive the WWE Hall of Famer and for the powers that be to reconsider bringing Hulk back to WWE programming. But, his role with the company remains unspecified.

There have been many different rumors surrounding Hulk Hogan’s inevitable return to WWE. The fans expect him to return eventually, but there had been some speculation that the ball was in his court, and he could start working with the company again whenever he wants. After everything that happened during the Gawker trial, Hogan might have some bad blood with WWE for not supporting him during his hard times.

The settlement with Gawker has also set up Hulk Hogan financially for the rest of his life. If Hogan does make a return to WWE, it would be for personal reasons instead of the money. During an interview with TMZ, Brooke Hogan revealed that her father remains in great physical shape, and his love of wrestling will always be with him. She also didn’t rule out the possibility of Hulk Hogan being able to physically handle a WWE return.

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On paper, the likelihood of Hulk Hogan having another match inside a WWE ring is extremely low. Recent returns by guys like Bill Goldberg make it easy to question if Hogan could physically handle a short match, but there are a lot of factors that will determine if WWE officials would allow him to compete in the ring again. A full match seems out of the question, but something short could be possible for the right situation.

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Many people will laugh off the possibility of Hulk Hogan having another match at sixty-four. However, the opportunity for him to get physical doesn’t have to mean he will have another match. For instance, Hogan recently teased the possibility of him becoming a manager for someone like Braun Strowman. That may be a situation where the WWE Universe can see Hogan throw some punches or even land a Leg Drop. The possibilities remain open for Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE television, but that’s all they are at the moment.

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