‘GH’ Spoilers, Wks of Sept 11 & 18: Sam Makes Decision On Jason, Clashes With Carly, Burton’s Character Enters

General Hospital spoilers for the weeks of September 11 and 18 tease fear, trauma and anxiety for some residents of Port Charles. Sam (Kelly Monaco) is deeply distressed over Jason Morgan’s (Billy Miller) condition. Jason has not surfaced from coma since he was shot during a flare up of mob violence involving Sonny (Maurice Benard).

Sam Makes A Decision About Jason, Clashes With Carly

General Hospital spoilers tease that Sam makes a decision about Jason’s future. Although Jason survived surgery, doctors are pessimistic about the chances that he will recover from the coma. Sam is plunged into a dangerously dark mood that makes friends fear that she might lose her sanity. She spends long hours at Jason’s side and begs him to wake up. Meanwhile, Sonny and Carly blame themselves for the situation, saying that their decision to leave the mob led to Jason’s accident.

GH buzz indicates that about the time that Steve Burton’s character makes his appearance in Port Charles, Sam makes a decision about Jason’s future. It is possible that after mulling over Jason’s future, she decides to place him in a long-term care institution, according to CDL.

Her decision, based on doctors’ prognosis, brings her into conflict with Carly (Laura Wright). Unfortunately, the confrontation brings up issues of the past when Sam shot Sonny while suffering hallucinations and delusions due to toxoplasmosis, a disease caused by a parasite infection that sometimes affects the brain.

GH spoilers from Daytime Royalty tease that during the confrontation, Sam incriminates herself.

Burton’s Character Enters On September 19

It seems clear that the move to take Jason off-screen for a while is intended to give time and space for the introduction of Burton’s character to the storyline and to allow for a buildup of his involvement in Port Charles before Billy Miller’s character returns to play his role in the “two Jasons” plot.

With Jason Morgan out of the scene, Sam will find herself in a very vulnerable position when she confronts Burton’s character for the first time and has to interact with him in the absence of Billy Miller’s character.

Some fans speculate that the plot could involve gas lighting Sam so that she begins to doubt her sanity when she sees the man with Jason’s old face for the first time. She might think that the crisis she has gone through lately is affecting her mind. She will need reassurance, but unfortunately the best person to give her reassurance is not available.

Carly Warns Michael About Nelle

Meanwhile, Carly (Laura Wright) tells Michael (Chad Duell) about the dirt they dug up on Nelle (Chloe LAnier). She tries to make Michael understand that she and Bobbie (Jacklyn Zeman) are only trying to help.

Carly warns Michael that the woman he is dating has dangerous secrets from her past. Felicia (Kristina Wagner) stumbled on information that suggests Nelle might have murdered her fiance.

However, Michael does not appreciate the interference in his private affairs. He is enraged by Carly’s suggestion that he could be exposing himself to mortal danger by dating Nelle. He lashes out angrily at Carly and insists there is no evidence backing up their claims.

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