Dean Unglert Teases Possible Future With Kristina Schulman After Bitter ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Breakup

Dean Unglert has not closed the door on a relationship with Kristina Schulman. In an interview with Us Weekly, Dean talked about his messy love triangle with Kristina and fellow Bachelor in Paradise star Danielle Lombard, saying all is good between the three of them now. Unglert told Us that he taped an episode of Ellen with Kristina and Danielle and that are all on good terms after their blowup while filming Bachelor in Paradise in June.

“There’s no more bad blood between the three of us,” Dean revealed.

Dean Unglert didn’t stop there, though. Dean also hinted at a chance for rekindling his relationship with Kristina Schulman. Kristina left Bachelor in Paradise broken hearted after Dean hooked up with Danielle within hours after spending the night with her.

“Kristina’s great,” Unglert said of their current relationship.

“You know, her and I had to sit down and talk to each other and hopefully there’s a time that we can figure it out and see what happens from there. But we’re just for now casually talking and seeing if there’s anything there.”

It’s surprising that Kristina Schulman is even talking to Dean Unglert. Kristina self-evicted herself from Paradise after being humiliated by Dean. Unglert walked her out to her getaway car and the two didn’t talk at all. Dean told Kristina he was sorry, then immediately returned to Paradise to pursue a relationship with Danielle. Dean Unglert later posted a photo of himself with Kristina, claiming she was out of his league.

Dean Unglert was instantly attracted to Kristina Schulman when filming began on Season 4 of The Bachelor spinoff. Unglert even traveled to Schulman’s Kentucky hometown when production of Paradise was temporarily shut down. When the cast returned to Mexico o continue shooting the summertime spinoff, Unglert had his eye on Danielle/D-Lo.

Dean revealed that he has been slammed on social media for what he did to Kristina Schulman, and he admits he feels “horrible” watching the drama play back on TV.

“I do feel horrible about, you know, watching it back and seeing the way that they were both treated,” Dean told Us of the Bachelor in Paradise love triangle.

“But I feel really, really bad about Danielle has been treated and how she’s receiving so much negativity on her social media outlets. It’s so unfair to her. So for like those reasons, the reasons of other people receiving negativity because of me, I regret that.”

Kristina Schulman hasn’t been as vocal as Dean Unglert in the aftermath of their Bachelor in Paradise breakup. Dean lost his chance to become the next star of The Bachelor, but many fans have called for Kristina Schulman to be the next Bachelorette so she can call the shots as she looks for her future husband. If that happens, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Dean Unglert show up as one of her suitors.

You can see Kristina Schulman’s dramatic exit on Bachelor in Paradise below.

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