Cat Island In Japan Makes Super Cute Video Asking Singer Ed Sheeran To Visit [WATCH]

There’s a tiny island in Japan that’s literally littered with kittens. Dubbed as “Cat Island,” Ainoshima is located at the southern part of Japan and is home to over 150 feral felines. Since getting the attention of cat lovers around the world, Ainoshima has seen a surge in its local tourism. And now, the town’s officials are asking singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, to help them attract even more visitors.

Ainoshima recently released an eye-catching video inviting Ed Sheeran to pay them a visit when he goes to Japan as part of his world tour, The Mainichi first reported. Entitled “Dear Mr. Ed Sheeran,” the video starts with a note about the island and its adorable residents.

“Dear Mr. Ed Sheeran, did you know that there is a cat island in Japan?” the introduction reads.

“It’s called Ainoshima. It’s a tiny, tiny island and the size can’t even be compared to Ireland!”

The video then shows clips of what a typical day on the island is like, with Ed Sheeran’s hit song “Shape of You” playing in the background. The cats are seen relaxing by the beach, exploring its shores, and curiously investigating their humans’ stuff.

According to the video, the cats that live there are “carefree and full of life.” Aside from the cats’ cuteness, one could see how gorgeous Ainoshima really is with its picturesque ocean and beautiful mountain views.

“At times they fight and yet have so much love for one another. They are enjoying life while being surrounded by the beautiful sea and mountains.”

[Image by Korraphat Waikawee/Shutterstock]

Ainoshima is actually a fishing island an hour’s boat ride away from Fukuoka. There are only about 500 humans, mostly senior citizens. In 2013, CNN named the island as “five places where cats outshine tourist attractions.”

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran is known to be a cat lover and actually owns a few felines. Cat photos are plastered all over his Instagram account, and that’s saying a lot since the singer doesn’t really post much on social media. The music video for his song “Drunk” even uses a gray tabby as its main character.

Ed Sheeran is scheduled to perform in Osaka and Tokyo in October for his concert tour. Since these cities are far from Ainoshima, the singer will have to make a deliberate stop to visit the island. But based on their invitation video, Ainoshima officials promise that it will be worth it. There’s even a cute post-script for the singer:

“P.S. The cats love their afternoon naps! We recommend visiting the island during the mornings or evenings.”

A visit from an international pop star such as Ed Sheeran will spike Ainoshima’s local economy even further. Earnings from tourism are likely used for the cats’ maintenance, such as vaccines and medicine. So far, the singer has not yet responded to the invitation.

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