‘BB19’ Houseguest Josh Is From Miama, Florida. His Family Tweets That They Are Evacuating, He Doesn’t Know.

Big Brother 19 fans know that Josh Martinez is a self-proclaimed mama’s boy. It took him a couple of weeks to adjust to being away from his family in Miami. With Hurricane Irma bearing down on his hometown, there is a forced evacuation of 650,000 people in the Miami Dade area. Josh’s family is part of the community under mandatory evacuation.

Hurricane Irma is a Category 5, just as Andrew was, but it is huge. It is wider than the state of Florida. Let that sink in for a moment. A Category 5 that will cover one coast to the other of the state of Florida. With how bad the storm is going to be, officials have said parts of southern Florida would probably not have much to go back to.

Josh’s family took to Twitter to update BB19 Josh’s fans on what is going on with them. A family member tweeted that they are evacuating. They have chosen to keep the information from Josh because he would worry. Obviously, his family wants him to keep his head in the game as it is so close to the end. The finale is set for September 20.

In the past when there is an emergency involving a houseguest, Big Brother has told the person and given them the opportunity to leave the game. With Josh being the only one in the BB19 house that would be directly impacted by Hurricane Irma, his family has made the choice. Many fans wishing the family well on Twitter also stated that they think Josh would self-evict to be with his family if he knew.



The Head of Household was held tonight after the live show and Josh became the new HOH. In his basket will be a letter from home. There should be no clues of anything wrong in the letter, however. Supposedly the letters are written early in the season and kept for when a BB19 houseguest wins.

Do you think his family is making the right decision to have BB19 wait until the game ends before telling Josh about the Category 5, Hurricane Irma? Do you think Josh would remain in the game if he knew? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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