#BBCelebrity Coming To CBS This Winter, First-Ever Celebrity Edition

It was a big night on Big Brother 19 tonight, as Big Brother host Julie Chen made a very special (and surprising) announcement. For the first time ever, a celebrity edition of Big Brother will be airing on CBS. Instantly, #BBCelebrity was trending on Twitter, as Big Brother fans are excited to have more live feed action to watch outside of the summer. Get the details (so far) on Celebrity Big Brother below.

We are very close to finding out the winner of Big Brother 2017, as that finale is weeks away. While we are saying goodbye to Big Brother 19, it looks like we won’t have to wait until next summer for more action inside the house.

Julie Chen let us know tonight on the live double eviction episode that Celebrity Big Brother is coming to CBS in Winter 2018. This will be the first-ever celebrity edition of Big Brother in the United States. However, Britain has been doing a celebrity version for 20 seasons now. While Big Brother fans were overly excited for this new edition, Julie did not give many clues on the live show. That is why we are here, to help answer some of those questions you may or may not have.

CBS is not giving us many details right now, but we do know that it will be airing in the winter and in 2018. This will be a show on CBS and airing a few times a week, like the current version does. We will have the Head of Household competitions and Power of Veto competitions. There will be the nominations and live evictions on CBS.

For those Feedsters out there, no need to worry. The live feeds will be up and running for the Big Brother celebrity edition on CBS All Access. Some fans were worried this celebrity edition would be done all on CBS All Access, like Big Brother: Over The Top last fall, but that is not the case.

Julie Chen will be serving as the host yet again. The Live Feeds will be there for you 24/7. There will be multiple episodes per week, but it will be a shorter season than we are used to with the regular Big Brother seasons.

There is no definite premiere date yet, nor is there a Big Brother Celebrity cast. For now, we can be excited for a winter edition of Big Brother and we’ll let you know when we hear more details.

What do you think of #BBCelebrity coming to CBS?

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