Sky Player comes to Xbox 360 in UK [UPDATE]

[UPDATE: We have prices, people!

£25 – Sky Sports 1 OR Sky Sports 2 + Sky Sports Xtra
£34 – Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 + Sky Sports Xtra
£24 – Sky Movies Screen 1 OR Screen 2
£32 – Sky Movies Screen 1 + Screen 2
£33 – One movie channel + one sports channel + Sky Sports Xtra
£38 – One movie channel + all sports channels, OR vice versa, + Sky Sports Xtra
£41 – All sports and movie channels
From £9 per month extra – ESPN]

Us British Xbox 360 owners have a popular bugbear we like to complain about: how come our U.S. counterparts get to enjoy Netflix on their consoles? Hm? HOW COME, Microsoft?

Well, now we’re even, sort of. Today in the UK, Sky was launched on Xbox Live and NOT THE U.S., meaning Gold members with at least 2Mb broadband and a Sky subscription can watch some free channels on Microsoft’s box, including Sky One, MTV and Sky Arts.

If you haven’t already subscribed to Rupert Murdoch’s no-doubt-evil satellite TV service, than you can do so for £15 per month. Naturally, both subscribers and non-subscribers can pay more money for additional channels. There are 24 in total, and while solid information on pricing is difficult to find, I do know that having all the sports channels added to your package will be an extra £19.

That’s … pretty pricey, yet I’m still terribly tempted by the idea of watching Sky Sports in my own room.

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