Tension Growing Between Blake Shelton And Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani In Tears After Talk With Ex

Rumor has it that things are not going too well between Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale. Apparently, Gavin is not that happy that his children with Gwen have grown too close to Blake.

According to In Touch, Gavin and Gwen’s children — Kingston, 11, Zuma, 9, and Apollo, 4 – can’t stop talking about Blake. This forced Gavin to tell them not talk about Blake when they are with him. Gavin and Gwen share custody of the children and the Bush frontman has asked Gwen to tell the children not to mention Blake since “he only has the kids half the time.”

Gwen is rumored to be affected by this recent development. The growing tension between Blake and Gavin has also apparently affected the children. According to In Touch’s sources, Gavin “is getting a thrill” out of Gwen’s suffering. The insider also said that Blake and Gavin have been fighting about Gavin, particularly his interference in their relationship.

A recent phone conversation with her ex-husband supposedly left Gwen in tears. Life & Style cited a source who said that Gwen and Gavin have been talking recently and one particular phone call left the singer emotional. The source said that Gavin has apparently finally weighed in on Gwen’s relationship with Blake.


Gavin apparently told Gwen that she and Blake have been spending too much time apart. He also said that Gwen needs to put some more time and effort on her relationship with Blake. However, such a move would entail Gwen putting her career aside.

Ironically, one of the reasons why Gwen and Gavin ended their marriage was the rocker’s career. The main reason, of course, was Gavin’s supposed infidelity, but Gwen did have issues with Gavin being away on tours for extended periods. Before the divorce, Gwen was asking Gavin to give their children more of his time.


The source also said that Gavin told Gwen that he now regrets focusing on his career more over her and their children. Gavin also supposedly told Gwen that he would relent to her wishes if he had a chance to “do it all over again.”

“It really moved Gwen to tears,” said the source.

There are rumors that Gwen is again pregnant at the age of 47. If this rumor is true, Gwen will likely put her career on the backburner and focus on Blake and the children, including the rumored new one.

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