Melania Dons Italian-Made Dress In Trump Tweet Celebrating American Labor

On Monday, President Donald Trump tweeted out his Labor Day sentiments, along with a photo of himself and first lady Melania. Touting and celebrating “American labor,” Trump wrote of “building the future with American hands, American labor,” wishing this Twitter followers (and presumably all Americans) a happy holiday.

“We are building our future with American hands, American labor, American iron, aluminum and steel. Happy #LaborDay!”

While Donald was presumably sending out some positive, “America First” vibes and promoting the importance of American-made goods, it didn’t take long for folks to notice that there was something in the tweeted pic that definitely wasn’t made in America — and not just the first lady, who was born in Slovenia. As Fox News reports, the outfit that Melania Trump donned in the now-viral tweet was trendy, expensive, and decidedly not American made.

Instead, Trump tweeted out a pic of himself clinging to his wife’s hand as she sported an Italian-made dress. The photograph was reportedly snapped at a June congressional picnic event, and inexplicably chosen by Donald Trump to share his support for American workers. Not surprisingly, quite a few folks found it inappropriate to share a photo of Melania Trump in an expensive Italian-made frock on Labor Day.

While Donald chose his Labor Day tweet words well, words that set a tone that compliments and even buttresses his campaign promise to “make America great again,” and bring back American manufacturing jobs, Melania Trump was wearing a dress that sent a completely different and contradictory message to many. Shortly after the Labor Day Trump tweet was unleashed on the Twitterverse, it went viral.

And folks on social media responded with fury, calling out both the Melania Trump fashion choice as well as the tendency of Trump family members to make their merchandise in China. From Trump ties to Ivanka Trump products, many can be seen sporting “Made in China” labels, and photos of those labels have flooded the internet since Trump’s foray into politics.

Indeed, the dress Melania Trump was wearing in the now infamous Labor Day Trump tweet was designed by Greek designer Mary Katrantzou, then manufactured in Italy. No American labor used, no American jobs created, something that many on social media consider something of a slap in the face, particularly on Labor Day.

In addition to not being made in America, the dress Melania Trump donned in the president’s recent tweet is on the pricey side. Not as expensive as the $51,500 Dolce & Gabbana jacket that Harper’s Bazaar reports the current Mrs. Trump wore to meet and greet political spouses at the G7 summit earlier this year, but not cheap. According to the Saks Fifth Avenue Website, the striped dress was listed at $2,255.

It’s now sold out.

This isn’t the first time in recent days that Melania Trump has been publicly called out for her wardrobe choices. The first lady was also blasted on social media in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the devastating storm that battered and flooded Houston just days ago. When she and Donald made their first visit to the flood-ravaged city following the historic storm, Melania Trump chose to wear a pair of five inch stilettos, prompting widespread social media condemnation.

What do you think about Donald Trump’s decision to tweet out a pic of his wife wearing dress made in Italy alongside his Labor Day well-wishes and promises to build a future with “American labor”? Share your feelings about Melania Trump and her wardrobe choices in the comments below.

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