Austin Forsyth Pursued Joy-Anna Duggar To Start Family, Got Wife Pregnant In Less Than One Year

Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth are the youngest couple on Jill & Jessa Counting On to get married and pregnant. The two kicked up a fair amount of drama when they announced that they are expecting, as it seemed a little too soon after their wedding date for Joy to boast a prominent baby bump. But it looks like this was the plan all along for the 19-year-old Duggar and her husband as they revealed on Instagram today.

The young couple announced that they had started a courtship right after Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding back in November 2016. In that TLC video, they revealed that they have known each other for 15 years, as their families attend the same church, and they grew up together in the same community. So when their courtship progressed very quickly to engagement in the spring of 2017, the fans did not think too much of it.

However, when their wedding date got pushed from October 28, 2017, which coincidentally is Joy-Anna’s 20th birthday, to late May, the fans started to wonder what the big rush was. The announcement of their first baby has led some fans to believe that it was Joy getting pregnant that sped up the wedding process, saying that “that belly looks big for one baby at 3 months.”

In the latest Instagram update, Joy’s husband revealed that their intention has always been to get married and start a family. He revealed how intensely he pursued Joy and that he feels happier than ever that they are on the same page.

This photo revealed that Joy and Austin not only courted, but got engaged, married, went on the honeymoon, settled down, and conceived all within 12 months.

From the very beginning, the newlyweds had their eyes on one goal — starting a family together. Even before she started courting him, in her section of the family blog, Joy-Anna stated that for the future, she wants to focus on “Missions, Politics, and be[coming] a wife & mother some day.”

In the video announcement for TLC, as well as on her Instagram, she revealed that they prayed for a baby, even before their wedding.

“Before we were even married, we were praying to God to give us kids,” Joy said in the video. “So we are thankful that he has.”

She even held up the “politics” part of her future plans when she attended Young Republican State Convention at the Arkansas State Capitol in August. While many fans were not too thrilled about her making her political leanings public, it showed that she is committed in making her dreams come true.

[Featured Image by Austin & Joy Forsyth/Instagram]

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