‘DOOL’ Recap: Abe Comes Out Hero, Hattie’s Opinion Shocks Salem As Paul Gives Sonny Special Gift [Spoilers]

The DOOL episode for September 7 has some surprising aspects written into the script. Today’s show begins with celebration as Salem residents have a lot to be happy about. Jennifer and JJ are with Chad and Abby, who are packing up to leave the hospital. Abby is finally strong enough to leave the hospital after Commissioner Raines hit her with his car in an attempt to cover up his involvement with Dario.

Happiness abounds as Chad and Abby are planning a double wedding with Paul and Sonny. Chad brings Abby a full stack of bridal magazines and tells her that she can have anything she chooses. In the light of love and happiness, Paul surprises Sonny with a special token of his dedication. Handing over his championship ring to Sonny, an item that he once held closest to his heart, speaks volumes about his feelings toward his fiancee.

DOOL fans are aware how much Sonny once loved his deceased husband Will, however, his relationship with Paul has grown stronger through many life challenges. One such challenge included Paul’s reluctance to come out as gay to his family and friends. Paul finished the scene by stating that he’s out, it’s legal, and he is ready to marry the man of his dreams.

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Daily viewers of NBC‘s DOOL know that beloved mayor of Salem, Abe Carver, aided in the capture of Commissioner Raines by allowing the officers at the Salem PD to imprison him. Abe put his reputation on the line by remaining in jail as a “guilty man” while evidence was collected against the true culprit.

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Once Commissioner Raines was apprehended, Mayor Carver cornered him in the interrogation room. DOOL fans cheered him on as he berated Raines with colorful words, which included calling him a “two-bit punk” and a “bottom feeder” who is getting 20 to life. He then warned Raines that an ex-cop in prison is the epitome of doing “hard time,” and the threats Raines made to Lani will not be forgotten.

Theo and Clarie were also seen in today’s episode of DOOL. Although not essentially important to the story for today, Theo is seen having a hard time dealing with the fact that he doubted his father’s innocence. Claire tries her best to comfort Theo, who wonders why Claire can defend his trust issues when he did the same thing to her. Theo apologizes to his father, who turns around with an apology of his own for not being able to tell his family the truth.

On the other side of Salem, Andre has called a press conference with the intent of outing Kate as a cheater who has scammed the share holders of DiMera Enterprises. With psychologist Marlena Evans at his side, Andre believes that he finally has the upper hand. What Andre doesn’t know, but DOOL viewers are aware of, is that Hattie is currently posing as Marlena.

When Marlena (Hattie) goes up to the podium to speak on behalf of Andre, she deems him completely incompetent to run the DiMera company. This statement comes as a great surprise to Andre, who will undoubtedly lash out in future episodes of DOOL.

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