‘BB19’ Spoilers: Who Won HOH Tonight, Live Feeds Update From Thursday Night

Big Brother 19 spoilers from late Thursday are going to include who won the HOH tonight and how it was presented on the live feeds. It’s double eviction night on September 7, with the houseguests going through the process of sending two people to the BB19 jury. The second Head of Household Competition will take place on the live feeds, though, as the one-hour episode doesn’t have enough time to present it to the viewers.

This article will present the information from the live feeds, including who has taken over the power inside the Big Brother house. That will include live updates of the second HOH Competition as it is likely played out for subscribers of the live feeds. In the past, this has been done through an endurance challenge in order to keep things exciting. If Alex Ow somehow survives the double eviction, she seems to be the favorite to win that type of competition.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jason Dent and Kevin Schlehuber are on the block for the first Eviction Ceremony during the September 7 episode. The plan that Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott have constructed is for the vote to be split, forcing the Head of Household to cast a tiebreaker vote. That should lead to an eviction of Jason by a 3-2 vote. Jason would join Cody Nickson, Elena Davies, Mark Jansen, and Matt Clines in the BB19 jury house.

Following that first eviction, the remaining six houseguests will play for the HOH again. Only Paul Abrahamian, Josh Martinez, Kevin Schlehuber, Raven Walton, and Alex Ow can play for the power. Once someone wins, they will rush into a Nomination Ceremony, followed by a Veto Competition and then the Veto Ceremony. Toward the end of the September 7 episode, another houseguest will join the BB19 jury, and the show will fade out as the cast is preparing for yet another HOH Competition.

Alex Ow has done really well in all the endurance challenges this summer, giving her an edge if production uses that type of competition to decide the Week 11 Head of Household. It could also lead to some exciting moments on the live feeds, provided that Paul Abrahamian doesn’t convince everyone to throw another challenge. It wouldn’t seem possible that he could pull it off again, but many fans still don’t understand why Alex threw the last one.

By the end of the night, someone will have a guaranteed spot in the final four, and a lot of drama could start playing out in the BB19 house. First, though, the very important Big Brother 19 spoilers will include who won the HOH Competition tonight and who they might be targeting for eviction with that new power.

Update Finalized

The September 7 episode came to an end with Jason Dent and Raven Walton getting sent to the BB19 jury. There was no new information revealed about the upcoming Head of Household Competition, but it will likely take place at some point later Thursday evening. Paul Abrahamian, Christmas Abbott, Kevin Schlehuber, and Josh Martinez will be playing for the power. When the CBS live feeds get turned back on, more information will become available, with some Big Brother 19 rumors suggesting the HOH could take place off camera.

The feeds returned at 7:10 p.m. PT (house time), showing some footage before it was switched over to the exit interviews for Raven Walton and Jason Dent. The feeds are currently down and it is presumed that the Week 11 Head of Household Competition is under way. The results may not be surprising, though, as there are some interesting Big Brother 19 spoilers that came out. Kevin Schlehuber, Christmas Abbott, and Paul Abrahamian agreed to throw the HOH to Josh Martinez. That won’t please BB19 fans.

When the feeds returned again later in the evening, it was revealed that Josh had indeed won the HOH and now has the chance to name two nominees for eviction on Friday (September 8).

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