Tesla Model 3’s Long-Range Variant Gets Excellent 126MPGe, Completely Meets NAFTA’s Standards

Like it or not, the current darling of the EV industry is the Tesla Model 3. While the new Nissan Leaf looks like a formidable entry into the green car segment and the Chevy Bolt continues to make waves on its own, the full production rollout of the Model 3 still dominates the interest of many EV aficionados. With the green car industry eagerly waiting for the arrival of Tesla’s mass-market vehicle, encouraging new details about the Model 3 continue to emerge.

Take the car’s MPGe ratings, for example, which was recently leaked in the Tesla Motors Club forums. The current king of EPA ratings among electric vehicles is the Hyundai Ioniq Electric, which boasts an impressive 136MPGe. The Ioniq’s impressive numbers, however, are bogged down by the vehicle’s extremely small 28 kWh battery pack, which all but makes the car unsuitable for long-range driving. Tesla’s long-range Model 3, which is listed with an estimated range of 310 miles per charge, does not meet the Ioniq’s MPGe, but it was listed with an industry-leading 126MPGe rating nonetheless.

Considering that the Tesla Model 3 is a long-range vehicle, its MPGe ratings are quite remarkable. The only automobile that currently comes close is the Model 3’s main rival, the Chevy Bolt EV, which has a range of 238 miles and a pretty satisfactory 119MPGe rating. It is important to note, however, that the Model 3’s base variant, which is the direct competitor of the Bolt EV, would most likely have superior MPGe ratings than its long-range counterpart due to its smaller battery and lighter weight.

If anything, the Model 3’s 126MPGe rating is yet another notch on the mass-production EV’s belt. With such numbers, users of Tesla’s car for the masses could at least look forward to driving one of the most economical vehicles on the market. Apart from great MPGe ratings, however, North American drivers of the Model 3 could look forward to yet another remarkable attribute of the car. As it turns out, the Model 3 completely supports the local North American auto industry.

According to a recent Electrek report, the Model 3 is fully compliant with NAFTA’s standards, with the majority of its parts being built exclusively in North America. Speculations have already surfaced that Tesla’s newest vehicle would largely be made in the West, but few could predict the fact that a whopping 75 percent of the EV would be manufactured in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

In comparison, the Chevy Bolt EV, while being assembled in the United States, only comprises 26 percent U.S./Canadian parts. Up to 54 percent of its components are sourced from South Korea. Other prominent EVs, such as the BMW i3 and the Nissan Leaf, also follow the same trend.

Thus, for all intents and purposes, the Model 3, once it reaches its full production, would not only be one of the most competitive cars on the market; it would also be one of the most American vehicles on the street as well.

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