‘The Walking Dead’ Season 8 Spoilers: Greg Nicotero And Chandler Riggs Preview What To Expect

The Walking Dead Season 8 spoilers are slowly starting to trickle in. What can fans expect when the series returns this fall? Executive producer Greg Nicotero and actor Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes, previewed what is coming for the main characters.

TWD Season 8 spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what to expect on the AMC TV show.

Last season on The Walking Dead, a lot of the focus was on Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Even though the “All-Out War” in Season 8 will still revolve around Negan, more of the focus will be on Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). According to TV Guide, executive producer Greg Nicotero, who directed the 100th episode, revealed that it is Rick driving the story.

Fans that have been watching the show from the very beginning will also get a few rewards in Season 8. Sprinkled throughout the upcoming season, expect to find some Easter eggs. These tidbits won’t just be in the first episode either, but in several.

Chandler Riggs also teased The Walking Dead Season 8 spoilers. He couldn’t reveal anything specific about Carl Grimes, but hinted that fans are in for an explosive season. He told Triple J there will be “a lot of killing, explosions, and of course, Negan.”

“Season 7 was all about building up and getting everyone ready to fight against Negan, and this season there’s going to be lots of explosions, lots of killing, a lot more Negan. Yeah, lots of fighting, lots of cool stuff. It’s really, really fun this season.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Walking Dead Season 8 synopsis was released. It teases that with all of the communities coming together, Rick and his group finally has enough firepower to go against the Saviors. However, things won’t be easy, and it will be a bloody and brutal battle. Lives will be lost, and viewers should expect to see some fan-favorite characters die. Even so, they will be victorious in the end. In Rick’s mind, the chance of losing lives, including his own, is worth it for freedom. They will no longer be under Negan’s thumb and will do whatever is necessary for independence.

What do you think of what Greg Nicotero and Chandler Riggs teased about The Walking Dead Season 8? What do you predict will happen with Rick Grimes, Negan, and the rest of the characters?

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