‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Can’t Escape The Mob, Carly Accepts Her Fate As Kingpin Queen?

The mob has been a center point on ABC’s General Hospital for years, and just when it looked like viewers would be getting a little less of it, it may be here to stay after all. Sonny Corinthos made a choice to leave the mob behind to protect his loved ones. However, it all backfired on him when Jason got shot and is now in a coma. Now Sonny realizes that leaving his old life behind may be worse than staying put.

The mobster is conflicted now more than ever. He is torn up that Jason is fighting for his life because of his violent lifestyle. In the General Hospital previews for Thursday, Sonny tells Carly that there is no getting out of the mob life for him. She is the main reason that he wants to leave the business behind. They just got back together once again and he wants to keep her happy and safe, as well as the rest of his family and close friends.

General Hospital spoilers coming from SheKnows Soaps also hints that Carly will accept the fact that he is right. They will forever be in the mob business. She can either stay with him and accept her fate as a mob wife or leave him because of the violence. Of course, just because she isn’t married to him doesn’t mean that she won’t be in danger.

According to a promo that General Hospital posted on social media, it looks like Carly does accept her old life with Sonny, including the mob. GH teases that behind every great kingpin stands the queen. Carly is seen pointing a gun at someone and says that she is just getting started. Has she finally decided to team up with him to fight the mob together?

Many GH viewers have had enough of the mob violence being the central story line. Longtime fans have watched Sonny and his mob dealings for so long that they are begging the soap to start focusing more on love in the afternoon instead of constant violence.

However, Steve Burton is returning very soon and that involves Sonny, Carly, and the whole mob scene since Jason Morgan was Sonny’s hitman. No one yet knows how his return will all play out, but the mob business will likely be in the center of it. If Burton does come back as the real Jason, he will could very well go right back to being Sonny’s right-hand man once again. The current Jason Morgan doesn’t want anything to do with it. Who knows what the possible story line of the tale of two Jasons will reveal?

Do you think Sonny is able to escape the mob for good or is his fate sealed for the rest of his life? Be sure to watch General Hospital the next few weeks to see what choices Sonny and Carly will make concerning their future in a violent line of business.

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