‘Big Brother’ Legend Will Kirby Talks Season 19, Explains Why Paul Abrahamian’s ‘Dirty’ Gameplay Works

Big Brother 19 is getting mixed reviews from fans—and from some show alums—but one person who stands behind the long-running CBS reality show is Dr. Will Kirby. The Big Brother veteran, who won the second season of the summertime show and placed fourth in the all-stars season, is considered the greatest Big Brother player of all time. Kirby, affectionately known as Dr. Delicious by Big Brother diehards, not only coined the term “showmance,” but he has been the host of the show’s jury roundtable since Season 15. It’s no wonder he has some strong opinions about Big Brother and this season’s controversial cast.

We caught up with Will Kirby to find out what he thinks about this season’s volatile Big Brother cast, their personal attacks, and puppet master Paul Abrahamian’s “dirty” gameplay.

Inquisitr: What do you think of this season’s Big Brother cast? Do you have a favorite player?

Will Kirby: It’s a fascinating, dynamic cast as per the usual and I always remain completely unbiased when watching. As such, no player is my favorite – I find redeeming qualities in each of them. Each player is mesmerizing in his or her own unique way.

Your “I hate you all” speech is one of the most iconic Big Brother moments of all time. But this season the hate seems to be real, in some cases. Do you think this cast’s personal attacks against each other have gone too far?

Stop. “One of?” It’s the most iconic moment in the history of unscripted television. Do your research, sweetheart. Now back to the question: While some may say that the personal attacks have gone too far, I say that all is fair in love and war. And in Big Brother. And this isn’t politics. It isn’t an elementary school. Each contestant is an adult who willingly signed up to play. Is hate present on the show? Sure. But isn’t that why we watch? What do you think the ratings would be like if the houseguests all sat around at night and sang ‘Kumbaya?’

What do you think of all of the twists and changes that have come into play since your season?

The twists keep things exciting. Please understand, the game has to evolve – it’s just the nature of entertainment. It’s the nature of life. And the irony? The most vocal opponents to game twists are former players who benefited from twists or former players who wished that had benefited from twists. It’s remarkable how so many former players, crappy players, lucky players, are just jealous that they didn’t maximize their own shot. Lots of sour grapes being eaten by former houseguests as a snack during this season’s broadcasts.

What do you think of Paul’s gameplay?

Paul is implementing a dirty version of Derrick [Levasseur] or Dan’s [Gheesling] strategy – preying on the naive and impressionable. And that strategy can obviously work. See, those guys mastered their respective season because they crafted alliances with people they knew they could manipulate. Just like Paul, they weren’t born with good looks or charisma so they sharpened their predatory skills to trick the mentally vulnerable. It works. And kudos to all of them! Mad respect to them and all winners!

Do you think he was given unfair advantages this season?

Anyone who is unhappy with Paul’s game is, again, jealous. Was he given advantages? Arguably so. But can we fault him for taking ownership of a given opportunity and running with it? He would have been foolish not to.

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If you could give advice to one Big Brother contestant still left in the house, who would it be and what would you tell him/her?

My advice for any and all Big Brother players left in the house is the exact same as my advice to anyone and everyone outside of the house: Prioritize your family first and take all necessary steps to make sure your actions benefit them and make them proud.

Who do you think deserves to win Big Brother 19?

Not different than any other season, the person who is most deserving of the win is always declared the winner. That individual did whatever it took to be the last contestant standing and whether it be luck, blinding intelligence, charismatic social acumen, kinetic physicality, or a combination of all of these characteristics, the stars aligned for him or her at that exact moment when it counted the most. Every single Big Brother winner earned their win.

A few Big Brother alums are calling this the worst season ever. Do you agree with that?

Absolutely not. Who would state that? Just the bitter, the jealous, and the uninteresting. After all, there is a reason why most former houseguests fade into the background while a select few remain relevant. Worst season ever? It’s way, way, way too early to make any judgment about this season. Let’s agree to not call the game until that last whistle blows. And don’t let the “only two weeks left” timeline fool you – there are still seven houseguests remaining!

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What would you like to see Big Brother do for its 20th season next summer?

My only expectation is that CBS and Fly On The Wall are going to crank out another exhilarating season bookended by fantastic interviews from CBS interactive.

Do you think we will ever see another all-stars cast?

You never know when the old matador might finally return to the arena to slay some of these jealous bulls.

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Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

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