‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 7: Jennifer Morrison’s Emma Returns, Reunites With Henry And Hook

Once Upon a Time lead star Jennifer Morrison, who plays heroine Emma, may no longer be part of Season 7 but fans will get to see her one last time when the series returns. Morrison revealed earlier in an Instagram post that she will be back as a guest star in the new season, and now, Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive photos of her return.

In one of the photos, Emma can be seen holding son Henry’s (Andrew J. West) face close to her in what looks like a very touching moment. Morrison made her exit and ended her series regular status after Once Upon a Time Season 6. But she will return in the second episode of Season 7 titled “A Pirate’s Life,” which will focus more on her on-screen husband Hook, played by Colin O’Donoghue.

Although Hook and Emma had a happy ending, one can’t help but question what happens to them after. Many have wondered how O’Donoghue’s character will continue the story without Emma by her side. Fans will know more about that when Season 7 begins on Oct. 6. O’Donoghue, Lana Parrilla, and Robert Carlyle are the only original cast members set to return for the new season.

According to executive producer Adam Horowitz, who revealed to EW,Emma Swan’s return will give fans the closure on the character’s story. Executive producer Edward Kitsis added that Morrison’s guest appearance will not serve as a flashback of the previous seasons.

“What we’re not doing is a flashback story where we’re seeing stuff prior to, or during, the previous six seasons. We’re moving forward past the end of season 6, seeing what happened with Emma and Hook, and how it relates to the events in Hyperion Heights. It’s an emotional curtain call.”

Losing Morrison on the hit ABC fantasy series was pretty devastating for fans, especially since her character and that of O’Donoghue’s are a favorite pairing. But the Irish actor already assured that Hook and Emma are doing great after their wedding in Season 6.

“That’s a definite, for the fans that are concerned about that; Hook and Emma are happy together,” O’Donoghue told TVGuide.

The actor’s statement is enough for fans to think that there was no death or breakup that will take place to explain why Emma and Hook won’t be together in Once Upon a Time Season 7. Kitsis and Horowitz also addressed fans’ concerns about Hook’s possible new love interest, saying that it won’t happen since Hook and Emma are practically soulmates.

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“I think that Emma is absolutely Hook’s soulmate that we saw – so the Hook we all know and love, how could he look elsewhere? There is no Tinder in Storybrooke, people.”

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