‘LPBW’ Matriarch Amy Roloff Updates Fans On Audrey’s Pregnancy, Second Roloff Grandbaby

Little People, Big World matriarch Amy Roloff gave fans an update on Audrey’s pregnancy on Wednesday afternoon and wrote that the second Roloff grandbaby is “teaching us patience.” Since Amy Roloff’s daughter-in-law could give birth any day now, fans of Little People, Big World have been constantly asking Audrey Roloff for an update on social media. Amy Roloff finally let fans know on Wednesday that there’s still no baby.

The Hollywood Gossip shared on Tuesday that fans of the Roloff family and their TLC reality TV series thought for sure that Audrey Roloff had gone into labor on Labor Day, especially since she was days past her due date of August 31. The article went on to say that it would be a “super cute coincidence” if Audrey did happen to go into labor on Labor Day, but “that’s not what” Labor Day “means.” But both Audrey and Jeremy were back to posting on social media yesterday and today after going “radio silent” on Monday.

Jeremy Roloff shared his “first official photo” with now wife Audrey on his Facebook account on Tuesday and mentioned his daughter, but gave fans no new updates on when Audrey might give birth. Audrey Roloff took to her Facebook page on Tuesday to let her followers know about a blog post that she contributed to “girl Sadie Robertson’s Live Original blog but also did not mention anything about her pregnancy. Audrey also took to social media in the early morning hours of Wednesday to scold Jeremy for leaving tools on their bed and not in the tool chest.


Despite several visitor posts in the last few days on Audrey’s Facebook account asking for an update on baby girl Roloff, Audrey has remained silent after spending the last six months consistently giving Little People, Big World fans updates on her pregnancy. But Amy Roloff finally broke the silence via her business Facebook account on Wednesday afternoon and told her followers that there’s “no baby yet!” Amy’s short update on Audrey’s pregnancy followed a lengthy post on the “pre-fall season beauty” of the Roloff Farms.



Amy also told Little People, Big World fans that she’s not done with summer yet, and she loves the “farm scene” in any season. The first comment following her post was from her personal Facebook account where she goes by Amy J. Roloff. According to Amy, Audrey is still very much pregnant, and the second Roloff grandbaby is “already teaching us patience.” Little People, Big World fans commented back that they can’t wait to see Amy’s “beautiful granddaughter.”

Amy Roloff ended her exchange with her Facebook followers by also giving them an update on how close the Oregon fires are from Roloff Farms. Several Little People, Big World fans asked Amy how close the current Oregon wildfires are from Roloff Farms, which is located in Helvetia, Oregon –a suburb of Portland. Amy said that Roloff Farms is feeling the “smoke and ash” falling “from the Eagle Creek fires that are very close to Portland.”


Both Amy and Molly Roloff have birthdays in September and both on September 17, according to Amy. Amy shared that it looks like she’ll be sharing a September birthday with her second grandbaby, even though Audrey was due at the end of August. Jeremy Roloff shared his frustrations with his Instagram followers on Sunday about how they were “sailing full steam ahead” towards Audrey’s estimated due date, but now “the water is calm” and “the air is still.” Little People, Big World fans are telling the impatient expectant first-time dad to be patient and to enjoy the last days of just Jeremy and Audrey.

A Little People, Big World fan page on Instagram made for fans of Zach and Tori Roloff promised to post an update as soon as the second Roloff grandbaby arrives.

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