‘Destiny 2’ Bugs Acknowledged At Launch By Bungie: Fixes In The Works

Last night, gamers all over the United States walked out of stores with Destiny 2 in hand at the midnight release parties. However, some of these players faced some problems when they put the game into their systems to play. Luckily, DualShockers reported that Bungie is fully aware of the Destiny 2 bugs and they are working on the issues at this time.

Destiny 2 Bugs

For those who haven’t faced these Destiny 2 bugs yet, one of the issues takes place on the planet Nessus. According to the reports, when a player falls off a certain cliff, they will see their ghost show up somewhere that they can’t continue on in the game.

There is also a Destiny 2 bug where a person who joins a Nightfall strike while it is still in progress will not allow the player to have their activity completion counted.

Other Destiny 2 bugs are more cosmetic and annoying and are not really problems that get in the way of completing gameplay. These include non-Fireteam leaders not being allowed to skip in-game cinematics while leads can skip these.

There are also times when Destiny 2 players have earned the armor perks but they do not trigger when they are supposed to. There are also Destiny 2 bugs with the user interface.

These interface bugs include not seeing waypoints when tracking a vendor, being able to use infusions when they should be ineligible, not being able to see the Destiny 2 currencies when looking at alternate players, and a roster bug that removes all friends from Xbox One temporarily when adding or removing a friend on Xbox Live.

Bungie working on Destiny 2

Bungie knows about the Destiny 2 bugs and they have revealed that they are working on it. There is no word on when the fixes will be made to the games for players who are already working through the game on Day 1 of the game’s release.

However, there was some news that came from Bungie’s official Twitter announced yesterday that fans will get Destiny 2 Clan Features released almost immediately for the game. The notice said that the in-game feature will hit the first few games after the game’s launch.

The best thing about the clans is that they allow players to group up and explore through the different quests, raids, and nightfalls. This also allows players to earn more rewards as they play the game. Destiny 2 is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version comes out in October.

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