Amid Threats Of Nuclear War, Dennis Rodman Says He Wants To Help North Korea, U.S. Find Resolution [Video]

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman wants to help prevent a nuclear war and believes that by using sports and camaraderie, he can help the United States and North Korea get along peacefully.

Rodman seems to be a favored guest of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, as he’s visited the nation several times over the past few years. According to the Washington Examiner, Rodman met with Kim just months ago, last visiting the country in June.

The former NBA star appeared on the United Kingdom’s popular daily show Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, saying that Kim “loves basketball and I think that’s the key for anything in the world… basketball and music. I think that’s a great connection for anyone in the world…”

Rodman then said when he goes to North Korea, he laughs with Kim, sings karaoke with him, rides horses, and goes skiing, adding that they “hardly ever talk politics.” Rodman noted that’s a “good thing.”

The sports great spoke of a possible resolution between Kim and Trump.

“If the president even tries to reach out for Kim, I think it would be a great possibility things could happen… If they could sit down and have some kind of mutual conversation… they don’t have to be, like a friendship conversation… saying ‘Hi, I would love to engage in some words in politics over the history of your country and my country’ and just try to start some dialogue. I think that will open a door just a little bit.”

When Morgan brought up Kim’s frequent threats of annihilating the U.S. with nuclear weapons and called him a repressive dictator, Rodman chuckled, which somewhat riled Morgan, who then questioned why Rodman may not see Kim as a threat.

Rodman said Kim has inherited a legacy passed down to him by his father and grandfather, and he has heard it said that the North Korean regime has become less oppressive as a result.

He added, “I got a hope… that we can actually try to have some type of happy medium around the world, especially here in America.”

Rodman made it clear he is not defending Kim or his country, but noted his many visits with Kim have given him a “whole different view about the country.”

Rodman stated he’s taken many people with him on his visits to North Korea, including basketball players from the U.S., asserting, “You should have seen the American players.”

Rodman expressed that the U.S. team became extremely emotional because the people in the audience were rooting for them even though they were playing a North Korean team. According to Rodman, those present stood for “15 minutes” clapping for them and chanting “USA, USA… in their language…”

Rodman emphasized that he’s “all about bringing unity as far as sports, no politics.”

When Morgan noted that both he and Rodman have spent a large amount of time with Trump, as both appeared on the reality show Celebrity Apprentice when the president helmed the series, Rodman began to chuckle.

Rodman said, “Piers, you know as well as I do, Donald can be a little crazy sometimes… Donald Trump’s attitude is he loves to be cocky, he loves to be the boss, he loves to be the man… I love Donald Trump.”

Morgan asked if could accompany Rodman the next time he visits North Korea, and Rodman told him he’d once asked former President Barack Obama to go with him, but Obama roundly refused. Nevertheless, he agreed to take Morgan on his next trip to North Korea to meet Kim.

Rodman concluded the conversation by saying, “I don’t love him [Kim]… I just want to try to straighten things out for everyone to get along together… and that’s it.”

There has been no word as to when Rodman’s next visit to North Korea will take place or if he’s been in contact with Kim over the past several weeks, as tensions have steadily heightened between America and North Korea and World War III may be looming.

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