‘Scandal’ Star Katie Lowes Says Baby Will Have Boy Parts, But No Idea What Child Will Identify As

Scandal star Katie Lowes is speaking out and saying that she knows that her baby will have boy parts, but she isn’t sure what her child will identify as after it is born. People revealed what the Scandal star had to say about her unborn child.

Katie posed for Fit Pregnancy and Baby’s October issue and had a lot to say about her new baby. She is married to actor Adam Shapiro and shared that they have the same beliefs when it comes to their son. Katie shared that she knows her son will be born with male parts. She went on to explain, “But we have no idea what he will identify as or what his sexual orientation will be.” Katie said she just wants a healthy baby. Remember that her character Quinn is also pregnant on Scandal.

Katie Lowes is a first-time mom, but she seems really prepared for it all. She already shared that she will be using a doula to help her get through labor. Lowes wants someone to tell her she is okay and help tell her what to do during labor. This way they can explain if she can keep walking or needs to take a break, that kind of thing. She doesn’t want to rush to the hospital. One other thing that Katie isn’t sure about is if she will use medication or not. She will just make that decision when the time is here. Katie admits that she always thought she would have a girl first for some reason. She actually said that she wanted to get pregnant while she was on Scandal and timed it that way on purpose. Katie Lowes seems really happy with everything right now.

Other parents may think this, but they don’t always say it. Katie Lowes is being very open on her thoughts and is making sure the world knows that she will support her child no matter what their decisions are later in life.

Are you surprised that Katie Lowes is already saying this before her child is born? Do you feel like the Scandal star is right to feel this way? Sound off in the comments, and don’t miss Scandal when it returns to ABC.

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