Prince Harry And Girlfriend Meghan Markle Reportedly Plan Very Secret Wedding With Two Surprising Guests

Prince Harry and his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, have sparked rumors that they are engaged for months, with speculation soaring about a proposal and wedding plans in the wake of their romantic trip to Africa. Now, a new report is revealing the details of the reportedly extra-secret wedding, which includes two unexpected special guests.

Although the prince lost his beloved mother, Princess Diana, at a tragically early age in his life, he learned from his mother to try to keep his relationships private, noted Life & Style.

“If there is anything Prince Harry learned from his mother Princess Diana, it’s that the key to a happy relationship is remaining as low-key as possible.”

Harry is following through with that lesson by protecting his romance with his girlfriend, who is anticipated to become his bride in the next few months. Sources told Life & Style that even though the prince and Meghan have not yet formalized their engagement by announcing it to the public, the lovebirds are busy plotting how to have a secret marriage.

One of the insiders revealed that Harry is determined to invite only a few select guests.

“Harry is adamant about having an intimate ceremony with just his and Meghan’s closest friends and family.”

Is Markle disappointed to miss out on the extravagance and glamour of an enormous royal wedding? Not according to the source, who said that the Suits star agrees with the plan to keep their ceremony secret. Meghan reportedly believes that the world already suffers from an overflow of “excess.” Consequently, the insider said that Markle does not desire to spend money just to stage a dazzling wedding ceremony.

Prince Harry remembers his mother Princess Diana, including the lesson that she gave him about keeping his relationships private. [Image by Jack Taylor/Getty Images]

With the plans for the wedding focused on intimacy rather than grandeur, choosing who to invite and who to exclude could be a matter requiring royal diplomacy. But in talking about her romance with Harry, the 36-year-old actress recently emphasized that she’s focused on love rather than fretting about what the outside world thinks of her relationship with the 32-year-old prince.

“We were very quietly dating for about six months before it became news, and…the only thing that changed was people’s perception.”

Determined to remain the same woman rather than define herself by her romance with Harry, Meghan also opened up about the depth of their love. She described the couple as “really happy.”

With the secret plans for the wedding leaking at the same time as the news that Kate Middleton and Prince William are looking forward to the birth of their third child, will the pregnant Duchess be well enough to attend? Kate is known to struggle with morning sickness.

However, the insider revealed that Harry is determined to find a way to include his brother William and sister-in-law Kate. In addition, there are two surprising, very small guests that the prince is reportedly determined to include.

Prince Harry reportedly wants to invite Kate Middleton and little Prince George to his secret wedding, where he will wed Meghan Markle. [Image by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]

Even though they’re so cute that they might steal the spotlight from the bride, Harry wants his tiny niece and nephew to participate in his nuptials, according to the source.

“While the guest list might be short, Prince Harry will make sure his nephew and niece George, 4, and Charlotte, 2, play a role in the highly anticipated ceremony.”

Regardless of who else attends, the prince will involve Will, Kate, George, and Charlotte, according to the source. Harry “adores” his brother’s family, and he will not plan any ceremony, whether large or small, without including all of them, added the insider.

Ultimately, it’s reportedly love that is motivating the prince and Markle to plan a small wedding and be done with it.

“[Prince Harry] and Meghan are so in love. They just want to get on with it,” summed up the source.

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