‘Big Brother 19’ News: Check Out Raven Walton’s Newest GoFundMe Account For ‘BB19’ Fans

Big Brother 19 fans have watched Raven Walton on the show and the live feeds for weeks now. It didn’t take long for Raven to stand out, regardless of her gastroparesis and pace maker. It was her mouth and the stories that were coming out of it that had eyebrows raising.

Raven Walton began making claims of her many ailments and those of her mother. Some fan sites on Facebook try to keep up, but with there being over 100 things she has mentioned, it can get a bit confusing. The most talked about are her inverted spine, rough knee cap, and Rachel’s disease which is so rare that only she has it. She has also claimed to be terminally ill and playing Big Brother 19 is on her bucket list. Now, she must get all the bad genetics from her mother because she suffers from a long list of issues as well.

When fans heard her start making claims of additional diseases and exaggerating the problems associated with her gastroparesis, they started researching and reporting the results on social media. The more they looked into the dance instructor from DeValls Bluff, Arkansas, the stranger it got.

Raven has had several GoFundMe accounts. It appeared that her mother had used the site to raise money for her daughter’s medical expenses. That isn’t the problem, however. Some had been open for years. It seems she had campaigns running simultaneously and for various issues. When this came to light, all of the campaigns were closed.

On July 9 a new GoFundMe account was opened for Raven. It clearly states she is the Big Brother 19 houseguest. It says that she has about $200,000 in outstanding medical bills but is currently running a campaign for that amount. The surprising part is that as of the time of this article, there have been 94 contributions totaling $4,465. Though still a long way to go, it shows she does have a few fans. The account was shut down yesterday, however.

With all the controversy around Raven Walton’s health, are you surprised there is yet another GoFundMe for her? Are you one of Big Brother 19 Raven’s fans? How do you feel about the list of illnesses she claims she suffers from? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Bill Inoshita/CBS]

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