‘BB19’ More Proof Emerges That Paul Abrahamian Knew Raven Walton Before Production Started On CBS Reality Show

By now, most Big Brother fans have seen the infamous photo posted by Raven Walton four months before she started production on the 19th season of the CBS summertime reality show. The photo, posted to Instagram in March, shows Raven posing with her future Big Brother 19 housemate Paul Abrahamian, and the story goes that she met him at a meet and greet after his band, Reviver, played a show in Arkansas last fall.

“I hope you enjoyed Arkansassy @deadskull!” Raven Walton captioned the photo. “I enjoyed our conversation. #friendship. P.S Safe travels through the south.”

The encounter was no big secret. Just ahead of her Big Brother stint, superfan Raven Walton even told the Hollywood Reporter all about her pre-show encounter with the Big Brother veteran. who landed in the runner-up position last season on the CBS reality show.

“I met Paul!” Walton revealed. “He came to Arkansas with his band. It was one of the venues I love to go to so I got to meet him and hang out for a little bit. Paul was just as cool in person as he was on the show. He encouraged me to try out and said, ‘Go for it!'”

But now, more damning evidence has emerged about Raven and Paul’s possible pre-Big Brother connection. A video has surfaced on social media which shows Raven clearly in the background as Paul Abrahamian is talking to the camera. Big Brother 18’s Victor Arroyo is also seen in the video. The caption alleges that the video was taken at Paul’s house in California a few days after the Big Brother 18 finale last September and that Paul used to follow Raven’s social media accounts and unfollowed them just before heading to the Big Brother 19 house in June.

In a series of tweets, Big Brother alum Evel Dick Donato posted a link to the video as well as his own synopsis of the events. Evel Dick wrote that there is a big difference between Paul meeting Raven at a Reviver gig and her hanging out at his house. Evel Dick went so far as to call out producers for rigging the Big Brother game in Paul’s favor.

If it’s true that Walton and Abrahamian were friends before Big Brother 19 started production, it would point to serious producer manipulation in this season’s game. Paul Abrahamian was already given several big advantages when he returned to the Big Brother house, including “friendship” bracelets to woo the other houseguests with and a Pendant of Protection that scored him three weeks of safety from eviction.

Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass has downplayed the Paul-Raven connection, responding to a tweet about the meet and greet photo with the following.

“Can u imagine if we couldn’t cast any fans who’ve met/ taken pics with/ chatted w ex HGs? #notabigdeal.”

Take a look at the video below to see Paul pretending he doesn’t know Raven on the Big Brother 19 premiere.


[Featured Image by Monty Brinton/CBS]

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