‘Outdaughtered’ News: Adam Busby Talks Seeing Counselor, Fear Of Welcoming Quints

Adam Busby has been very open this season on Outdaughtered. He admits that he is dealing with postpartum depression and even went to Nashville so that he could meet with someone to talk about it all. Now, People is sharing that Adam is opening up about talking to a counselor and the fear that came with having quints.

On Tuesday’s new episode, Adam Busby is going to talk to his brother-in-laws and really open up about what is going on with him. Friends and family had no idea that Adam was dealing with all of this because he was quiet about it for so long. Adam admits that when they had the babies at first that it threw his body and mind for a loop. He worried about responsibility and all of the time they would be spending in the NICU. They were there for three months.

Adam Busby will admit to his brother-in-laws that he has decided to see a counselor. He thinks that this is the best thing for him. The thing is they really respect Adam’s decision, so it isn’t something they are giving him a hard time for at all.

Last week, the viewers saw Adam Busby talking to his therapist, and they discussed how Adam puts so much energy into the kids and his wife that he doesn’t have time for himself. Adam knows that being on television and doing Outdaughtered would mean that they would show the entire world the good and bad of their lives. He doesn’t seem to have a problem with opening up like this and letting everyone in on his journey. Adam even said that the worst thing you can do is stay silent and try to handle it all on your own. It seems like he is doing the right thing.

Are you surprised that Adam Busby is opening up about his issues? Do you feel like this is bringing a new awareness to postpartum depression for fathers? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Outdaughtered when they air on Tuesdays on TLC. This week everyone will get to see Adam talk about what is going on with his brother-in-laws.

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