‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Liam, Wyatt, And Katie Take Over Spencer – Bill Kicked Out!

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for upcoming action reveal that although Bill Spencer (Don DIamont) hasn’t paid yet for burning out Spectra, he soon will. B&B spoilers for this week don’t align to the action on Monday and Tuesday’s episodes, and that’s because the arrest was all Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) daydreaming and talking to his wife about making his father pay. In his head, Liam assembled the group in Bill’s office like on a crime show when everyone gets together for the reveal of whodunnit, but it’s wishful thinking. When it finally comes out, Bill will pay in a way he never anticipated.

Bill messed with the wrong people

B&B spoilers show that Bill thinks he’s king of the world and can get away with anything – even arson and fraud. There will be heck to pay, and forces will unite against Bill. Spoilers for this Friday and next week from SheKnows Soaps promise that Bill continues to keep secrets from Brooke Logan Spencer (Katherine Kelly Lang), who tries to be supportive while she knows he’s hiding things from her. That daydream arrest is not the worst-case scenario. Liam will come up with something far worse for his dad.

Also, Bold spoilers for the week of August 11 from Soap Central promise Steffy Forrester (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) cautions Liam about ruining his relationship with his father. If Liam has Bill arrested, he might weasel his way out. Instead, Bill will be stunned when the Spencers, his ex-wife, and a faction of the Forresters align against him and he loses everything that gives him power. That’s the fate that Bill deserves, even more than he deserves handcuffs and prison.

Liam records Bill’s confession – won’t give it to cops

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from a new Don Diamont interview with TV Guide reveal what’s next in the Spectra fire plot, and it’s pretty shocking. On Thursday, September 7, his daydream inspires Liam to record Bill confessing to burning down Spectra Fashions to get leverage over his father. In Liam’s vision, he had no proof against his dad. That part made Liam realize that he needs evidence. B&B never moves this fast, which should have clued fans to the fact that Monday and Tuesday’s events weren’t the real deal. The promo video (see below) was also misleading.

Don Diamont told TV Guide that Bill doesn’t think Liam will use the recording and laughingly called it a “test for little Dougie Do Gooder.” Diamont also said Bill isn’t worried because he thinks that even if Liam gave the recording to the cops, his money and influence would get him out of it. However, Liam has a more fitting punishment in mind for Bill than prison. Bill doesn’t realize Liam has learned a lot from his father, and those lessons include blackmail, leverage, and corporate hijinks. The daydream reminded Liam he can take back control from his father and he’ll make it happen soon.

Sally gets Spectra Fashions back – Bill loses Spencer Publications

In addition to now knowing he needs evidence against Bill, what also sticks with Liam from his daydream is about him and Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks). Liam told Bill that while he’s in jail, he and Wyatt “will rebuild this family” and also said they would rebuild the company and “finally make the Spencer name mean something good.” That’s the takeaway for Liam, and the plan he sets in motion will punish his father more effectively than time behind bars ever could. Liam doesn’t need an arrest to trigger the clause where he assumes power as president of Spencer Pubs. All he needs is leverage to take control.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Liam doesn’t want his father arrested because he knows Bill could use his influence to cheat the system even though it would easily give him control of the company. Instead, Liam wants to take away Bill’s dream of the skyscraper and control of Spencer Publications. Liam will push his dad aside even though Bill owns 49 percent of the company. Karen Spencer, Caroline Spencer’s (Linsey Godfrey) mom, owns the other 50 percent and Katie owns the final percentage. These numbers mean everything to Liam’s clever plan. Liam throwing down his sword necklace today showed what’s ahead even though it wasn’t real.

Bill outvoted and out the door at Spencer

We know from recent B&B history that Bill gave Katie $50 million in the divorce, and Justin Barber (Aaron D. Spears) never mentioned the tiny percentage Katie owns of Spencer Pubs. Bill needed a quickie divorce so he could get hitched to Brooke and couldn’t afford to fight Katie over that share. Plus, Bill didn’t know at the time how important it would become. Katie will throw in her share when she discovers what Bill did to Spectra Fashions, and it doesn’t hurt that it will put her new boyfriend in charge at the family business. That’s a win-win for Katie, who will love to see Bill suffer.

But what about Karen? Once Caroline tells her mom that Bill wrecked any shot she had with Thomas Forrester (Pierson Fode) with his dying lie, Karen should play along as well. Karen has pulled a move like this before to push Bill aside. That means Wyatt and Liam could take over Spencer with Katie’s support, and Bill couldn’t do a darned thing to stop them. That would infuriate Bill, and it’s exactly what he deserves. Bold spoilers tease that with Liam and Wyatt in charge, they finance the rebuild of Spectra Fashions and officially scrap the plans for Spencer Tower.

Jail isn’t the worst thing for Bill

Bold spoilers predict Bill could be sent packing from Spencer Publications because he doesn’t have majority control with just 49 percent of the stock. Bill will soon regret teaching his sons to play hardball when Wyatt and Liam team up to crush their dad. Doesn’t it seem like Bill deserves to lose his company by trying to burn Sally out of hers? Wouldn’t this be more satisfying than seeing him in jail? Seeing Bill Spencer powerless would be the best punishment of all.

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