‘Little People, Big World’ Season 13: Zach Roloff Is A Pro At Changing Baby Jackson’s Diaper During Filming

Little People, Big World star Zach Roloff is apparently a “professional” at changing baby Jackson’s diaper; a skill that was shown off recently in a video that surfaced online during filming for Season 13. Zach Roloff’s wife, Tori Roloff, shared last month that filming for Season 13 was underway with baby Jackson in tow as the Little People, Big World newlywed couple sat down for their first interview clips.

Season 13 of Little People, Big World is just around the corner, but fans can get a sneak peek at what the new season might look like with fan-favorite baby Jackson on the small screen. A short video clip of Zach and Tori trying to film for Season 13 surfaced on YouTube five days ago showing dad Zach taking a break from filming to change his 3-month-old son’s diaper.

In just over two minutes, fans of Little People, Big World can watch a fussy baby Jackson turn into a much happier baby Jackson after dad Zach changes his diaper like a pro. Mom Tori looks on and shares how baby Jackson is getting his diaper changed on a hay bale with “dad in his nice interview clothes.” The video clip was obviously taken from Tori’s Instagram Stories back in August when she shared that filming for Season 13 of Little People, Big World had begun.

The camera crew and equipment for filming Little People, Big World Season 13 can also be seen in the background of the short teaser clip, as shared by CafeMom on August 17. Zach and Tori Roloff have shown off baby Jackson quite a bit on social media since his birth on May 12, and the last episode of Season 12 ended with Tori’s C-section. But fans of the long-running TLC reality TV series can’t wait to see more of baby Jackson during the upcoming Season 13.

Zach and Tori Roloff previously shared that they’ve been living on “Jackson time,” which means they don’t do things on their own schedule anymore, according to an article on Rare when baby Jackson was just over 2-weeks old. Now that Jackson is nearing his 4-month birthday, the fan-favorite Little People, Big World couple is apparently still on “Jackson time;” taking breaks for multiple feedings and diaper changes.

Mom Tori calls baby Jackson “such a farm kid” in the IG Stories video that was uploaded to the CelebrityStatus YouTube channel on August 31. Proud grandpa Matt Roloff has shared several photos on Facebook of his first grandson hanging out on the sprawling Roloff Farms, located in a suburb of Portland, Oregon. Grandpa Matt previously shared that baby Jackson visited Roloff Farms almost daily and shared a photo on August 30 of baby Jackson hanging out with him in his office.


Little People, Big World has chronicled the daily lives of the Roloff family members for the last 11 years as patriarch Matt Roloff, matriarch Amy Roloff, and new dad, Zach Roloff, all live with forms of dwarfism. Baby Jackson was born with his dad’s form of dwarfism — achondroplasia dwarfism — and will carry on the premise behind Little People, Big World during upcoming new seasons.

Baby Jackson Roloff, who will probably only grow to a height of just over 4-foot tall, already has an adorable personality that shows through in his photos and in his parents’ short IG Stories videos. Fans of Little People, Big World have fallen in love with the youngest member of the Roloff family and can’t wait to see more of him in Season 13.

Fans of Little People, Big World continue to ask on the show’s official Facebook page when a new season starts again. Some fans wonder if “that’s it” for Little People, Big World following the two-hour finale episode on Tuesday, June 27, titled “The Best Gift Ever,” as shown on TV Guide. Despite news from Tori Roloff that filming is currently underway for Season 13, the Little People, Big World network, TLC, has yet to officially announce a premiere date.

TLC might be waiting to capture the second Roloff grandbaby on video before announcing a renewal and premiere date for Season 13 of Little People, Big World. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are due to welcome their baby girl any day now, and Audrey is officially five days past her due date. But doctors don’t usually let a pregnancy go beyond 41 to 42 weeks due to a possible increase in complications, according to an article on UTSW Medicine.

TLC usually announces returns, renewals, and premiere dates for TV shows via Discovery Press Web.

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