Porcelain Black Dishes To iHeartRadio Host Domenick Nati About Aaron Carter And ‘Racist’ Jeffree Star

The name Porcelain Black may not ring any immediate bells unless you remember Porcelain and the Tramps and their album on Virgin Records back in the early 2000s. However, as of late, she’s been making the rounds because she’s been rumored to be dating Aaron Carter — who recently came out as bisexual — and has a racist story about controversial makeup artist Jeffree Star.

Black — born Alaina Marie Beaton — recently went on iHeartRadio’s Domenick Nati Show and addressed all of the rumors once and for all, and she was more than happy to dish the dirt about Aaron Carter and Jeffree Star.

One of the first things that Domenick asked the young rocker about was her rumored “relationship” with Aaron Carter, which she immediately denied.

“Are you dating Aaron Carter?” he asked.

“Oh, my, God, NO!” Black said vehemently.

What’s more, Black said that while she would never date Aaron Carter, she would definitely consider dating Aaron’s sworn enemy, controversial pop star and ex-boyfriend of Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber. She was also asked about her “friend,” Lil’Wayne, and she admitted that she would never date him, either, because he’s a “player.”

Most interestingly of all, however, Black claims that Aaron Carter told her that he was “coming out of the closet” as bisexual before the rest of the world knew about it. (And, to her credit, she kept his revelation to herself until such time that he was ready to reveal it on her own.)

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  • But there’s more — specifically, her revelations about Jeffree Star, which are nothing if not disturbing.

    In the past, Jeffree Star has been accused of being a racist, and Kim Kardashian West recently had to walk back her defense of Star after his past racist tirades came to light.

    According to Allure Magazine, Jeffree Star claimed that he made those comments when he was 19-years-old, but that now that he’s in his 30s, he regrets saying all he said.

    But there’s a problem with his side of the story: Porcelain Black said that, recently, while she was hanging out with him, he took a handful of change out of his back pocket, threw them at a group of black people, and referred to them by the N-word.

    You can check out the full Domenick Nati interview about Aaron Carter, Jeffree Star, and more below.

    Leave your thoughts about this latest Jeffree Star controversy in the comments below.

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