‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Paul’s Real Final Two Deal Revealed – Taking Most Hated HG To The End Of ‘BB19’?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from the live feeds have revealed with whom Paul might have made a final two deal. As BB19 has played out, we’ve seen Paul get close to almost everyone in the house, with the notable exception of Cody, but even those two worked it out before Cody left for the second time. We’ve also seen Paul get very close to Christmas, Alex, Josh, and Kevin with deals that sounded like he wanted to take each of them to the finals. But could Paul’s real F2 be someone totally unexpected?

Paul worked three final three deals, F2 is next

During the last two Big Brother HoH and veto comps, it was bizarre to hear almost everyone competing saying that they were safe if their partner or Paul won the comp. That went for Alex and Jason, Christmas and Josh, and Raven and Matt. And even solo player Kevin relied on Paul. It was pretty shocking that most everyone went into Week 10 feeling safe, and that’s why the Jason eviction blindside will be so epic, but it seems like Paul has even that under control.

BB19 spoilers show us that Paul made an F2 deal with Alex very early on, but both of them left that out of conversations with cowboy Jason. This week, Paul strategically used the Power of Veto to pull Alex down and leave Jason on the block and will split votes so that he can blame others for evicting Jason. This leaves him in the clear with Alex, and he hopes she’ll throw another HoH comp his way — and she just might. But even Alex is not Paul’s true final two pal. She’s too much of a threat, and Paul knows it.

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Paul can’t beat Alex, who can he beat?

Paul learned his lesson in BB18 by taking Nicole to the end. Paul’s tactic of saying he can’t win because he’s a veteran is the biggest lie these houseguests should not buy since he lost to a vet last summer. However, Nicole was more than just a vet — she was half a showmance that spent lots of time with Cody but still worked her social game hard. Paul has to take someone with a poor social game, poor comp skills, no resume to speak of, and is universally disliked. Sound familiar?

Big Brother 19 spoilers hint that Raven is the best choice for F2 with Paul despite what he’s been saying lately to the other houseguests. Remember, anytime Paul speaks, you can be sure it’s a distraction or mind-control tactic. Big Brother Network’s live feeds report from Monday, September 4 reveal Paul was talking down Raven to almost everyone in the house. That seems quite intentional. Paul repeatedly told Christmas and Josh that they need to get Alex out next, then Raven, but that’s just Week 11 talk.


Raven the most beatable HG in BB19?

In fact, BB19 spoilers tease most any houseguest could probably take Raven to the end and beat her because of how, aside from Matt, she’s alienated the rest of the house with her loose talk, obvious lies, and exaggerations. Raven herself expects Paul to take her to final two based on their private conversations and no one seems to have noticed those two have a low-key but firm bond. She didn’t even blink when Matt left because Paul was there for her.

Last night, Big Brother live feeds showed that after Paul spent a long time talking with Raven, he told Christmas that she is “eating his soul.” Even if Paul really can’t stand her, he’s playing this up for the other HGs because he keeps going back to Raven over and over and lending her an ear. Last night, Paul promised to set Raven up in LA, giving her merch from his company and ensuring she and Matt get together, but then with the other HGs, he harped on her lying and screeching. It doesn’t align.

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Paul lying to conceal his true F2?

In the wee hours of this morning, Paul told Josh and Christmas that Raven is “mean” and called him “fat and short,” then added, “I can’t stand Raven.” Paul might be doing a hard sell to the rest of the house to throw them off the scent of him and Raven. Plus, if you did your homework on this season, you might know Paul and Raven met before BB19. The above pic is reportedly from when his band performed near her home but might have been a post-BB18 event.

The Big Brother 19 jury might give Christmas, Josh, Kevin, or Alex the win over Paul. Alex is a comp beast, Christmas played with a broken foot, Josh has evolved a lot in the game, and Kevin has a great social game and a good story, even though he hasn’t won any comps. Raven, by comparison, seems like easy pickings. Everyone in the house has called her a liar and seems irritated by her. She’s won nothing, and her resume consists primarily of boinking Matt and annoying the other BB19 houseguests.

Here’s the likely jury count if Paul and Raven made F2 and how Paul could win in an 8-1 landslide.

  • Cody – Paul
  • Elena – Paul
  • Mark – Paul
  • Matt – Raven
  • Jason – Paul
  • Alex – Paul
  • Christmas – Paul
  • Josh – Paul
  • Kevin – Paul

If no one wises up and stops him, Paul and his sickly secret sidekick could walk to the end and to the finals together. Raven would probably be thrilled with the second place $50,000, and Paul has certainly played cleverly enough in BB19 to earn the big $500,000 check.

What do you think? Have you noticed Paul and Raven’s secret and serious bond? Do you think she’s his closet ride or die? Check back soon for more Big Brother 19 spoilers and results.

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