Joy-Anna Duggar’s Husband, Austin Forsyth, Deemed ‘Arrogant’ And Rebellious By Family Member

Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband, Austin Forsyth, has been friends with the Duggars for many years. However, a surprising member of the family has reportedly complained about the 23-year-old house flipper.

Joy-Anna Duggar, 19, carefully followed her family’s relationship playbook after Austin Forsyth asked her to enter into a courtship with him. The couple only went on chaperoned dates, kept their physical contact to a minimum, saved their first kiss for their wedding day, and got pregnant soon after they tied the knot. However, Joy-Anna Duggar’s sister-in-law, Anna Duggar, reportedly doesn’t think that Austin was husband material. A Duggar family insider recently told Radar Online that Austin has a rebellious streak that has ruffled a few feathers, and Anna has been especially “disappointed in his character.”

“He was more of a rebel child,” the source revealed. “He was immature, arrogant and lacked experience.”

It’s unclear why Anna Duggar or any other members of the family would feel this way about Austin Forsyth, but apparently his behavior didn’t raise any red flags for Jim Bob Duggar. All potential suitors must get Jim Bob’s permission to court his daughters, so Joy-Anna wouldn’t currently be married to Austin if her father disapproved of the match. As reported by CafeMom, the Duggar family patriarch even made Austin fill out a 50-page questionnaire to ensure that he would make a suitable son-in-law. Austin’s father also wanted to make sure that was mature enough to get married, so he told his son that he had to flip five houses before he would be given the blessing to ask for Joy-Anna’s hand.

Many fans may find it surprising that Anna Duggar has complained about Austin Forsyth’s character because they don’t exactly see her husband as a great catch. Josh Duggar sexually molested Joy-Anna and three other sisters—Jessa, Jill, and Jinger—when he was a teenager, and he has confessed to being unfaithful to Anna. More recently, he drew the public’s ire by attempting to join a breach of privacy lawsuit filed by his sisters/victims. Josh claimed that his own privacy was violated when the police reports describing his actions were made public, making him a victim as well.

As the Hollywood Gossip reports, he eventually withdrew his motion to intervene in his sisters’ lawsuit and filed a separate suit against the defendants. Anna has stood by her man through it all.

While Anna and other members of the Duggar family may find Austin Forsyth’s supposed rebellious streak off-putting, some fans think that his wife needs to be more of a rebel. Austin recently got Joy-Anna Duggar to go dirt bike riding for the first time, but she did not break her family’s strict dress code by wearing pants or shorts. Instead, she donned a long dress. As the Inquisitr previously reported, some fans believe that Austin is to blame for her unusual choice in attire because Joy-Anna once said that her husband prefers for her to wear dresses.

Anna Duggar might decide to put her alleged animosity toward Austin Forsyth aside after she and Joy-Anna Duggar give birth. Anna’s baby boy is expected to arrive any day now, and Joy-Anna recently announced that she’s expecting. Because their babies will be so close in age, they’ll likely be playmates someday.

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