Sharon Osbourne Speaks Out, Says Ozzy Cheated On Her With Six Women

Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne have been through their fair share of issues over the years. According to Us Magazine, Sharon revealed that Ozzy actually cheated on her with six different people over the years. Everyone heard about the affair with hairstylist Michelle Pugh, but it turns out that she wasn’t the only one he was cheating on Sharon with over the years.

In a new interview with the Telegraph, Sharon shared that he cheated on her with six different women. She said that he cheated with “[s]ome f–king Russian teenager… then a masseuse in England… our masseuse out here [in Los Angeles]… and then our cook.” She didn’t explain who the other person was that he cheated on her with recently.

Sharon Osbourne went on to explain he had women in other countries and that, basically, he was sleeping with women who gave him food or were rubbing his body. It sounds like Ozzy didn’t have any trouble at all finding someone to cheat on his wife with when he wanted to.

She also explained how she heard about Ozzy’s relationships over the years. He sent her an email that he meant to send to another woman. He told her he hadn’t sent anything to her, but she took his phone and realized what went down. She kicked him out of the house when she heard that he had cheated on her with their hairstylist. Afterward, Ozzy revealed he had an addiction to sex and that he was going to seek treatment for his problem.

The couple seems to be doing great now. Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne are back together and living with each other again. She even said that she has a “deeper love” for him now. It looks like they have moved on and are really happy with how things are going for them now. Sharon explained that he has been working on becoming a better person. They even renewed their vows in Las Vegas on Mother’s Day. It certainly looks like this power couple can make it through anything.

Are you shocked to hear how often Ozzy Osbourne cheated on Sharon over the last few years? Do you think that their marriage is going to work? Sound off in the comments section below.

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