WWE News: One Former World Champ Jokes He’s Been ‘Phoning It In’ And Another Takes A Crack At His Merchandise

There have been a lot of rumors flying around WWE in the last couple of months and now, two former world champions are taking shots at themselves and their position within the company. It is no surprise that there is confusion as to what is going on with Dolph Ziggler, but has he actually given up on the remainder of his time with WWE? At the same time, Randy Orton has not been happy as of late and he isn’t keeping it a secret either.

As fans have seen, Dolph Ziggler hasn’t been seen really at all on SmackDown Live this summer, but he recently showed back up. When he did two weeks ago, Ziggler said fans would see something new from him but this past week, he said everyone would have to wait a little while longer.

The Dirty Sheets reported that Ziggler is actually set to leave WWE when his contract expires in late October as he isn’t planning on renewing his deal. There are rumors he could end up leaving for Japan and is just finishing out things by working his last remaining dates mostly at live events.

If that’s true, he is certainly hinting around at it a lot.

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Ziggler doesn’t really care what he says on social media and he’s given plenty of hints that he’s not overly happy with his current position in WWE. On Monday, the “Show Off” posted on Instagram and cracked that he’s been “phoning it in” for quite a long time.

Now, this could be something that Ziggler is doing to joke around or make a crack at the fact that he has barely been on WWE television in months. Then again, he could be truly unhappy and wanting to make a point to WWE and any other wrestling promotion in the world.

A while back, PW Mania reported that Randy Orton wasn’t overly happy with his position on SmackDown Live and was hoping to be moved to Monday Night Raw. This is only a rumor and he’s still in the main event scene on Team Blue, but he just seems to be floating around between feuds.

Wrestling Inc. noticed a tweet which showed a T-shirt that has been passed around which shows John Cena on it, but it says “Randy Orton” above him. It appears as if Orton noticed the image and not only commented on it, but he made a crack at his own merchandise sales.

As things currently stand, Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler are both still a part of WWE and are members of the SmackDown Live roster. They may both appear to be unhappy on social media at times, but then again, it could all be something done to rile up the fans. No one really knows what is going on behind-the-scenes, but it will be interesting to see if both of these superstars get pushed or if they end up receiving well wishes on their future endeavors.

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