Roloff Family On ‘Edge Of Their Seats’ As Baby Is 3 Days Late, Jeremy Beautifully Describes Ordeal Of Waiting

It’s been three days since August 31, the day Baby Girl Roloff was supposed to be welcomed to this world, but it seems Jeremy and Audrey’s daughter is a bit shy.

The tension and excitement of waiting for the next Roloff baby to arrive have put the entire family on the edge of their seats as described by Matt, the Little People, Big World patriarch.

“We’re all sitting on the edge of of [sic] seats… waiting for Jer and Audrey to have their baby,” Matt posted on his Facebook page. “Come on little girl… you’re 3 days late…”

“Grandpa is getting anxious to meet you.”

If Matt is getting restless and excited to finally see his second grandchild and first granddaughter, Jeremy and Audrey seem to be handling the pressure quite well, at least based on Jeremy’s recent posts on social media.

Jeremy shared a photo of Audrey on his Facebook account. Audrey is a picture of calmness as she breaks into a wide smile while sitting inside what looks like her doctor’s office. Meanwhile, Jeremy also looks as calm as ever in his Instagram post which shows the father-to-be enjoying some time outdoors. He is seen standing in front a bonfire with his pickup truck behind him.

Jeremy found the inspiration to write a beautiful description of his current ordeal of waiting for baby Roloff to finally come. He posted the note on both his social media accounts. Jeremy opened his note by stating the obvious.

“Well ladies and gentlemen, we are officially past the due date,” Jeremy shared before going full poet mode as he compared the experience of being pregnant with their daughter to sailing.

“We’ve been sailing full steam ahead, working hard to get the ship ready for land. And now it feels we have sailed into the fog and the water is calm, the air is still, long wide ripples stretch out from the ship as it slows its pace. Not a sound except the occasional creek of the bow… everyone onboard waiting to strike land!”

A number of followers pointed out Jeremy’s allusion to the calm before the storm. This led others to offer suggestions, particularly to get as much rest and sleep as he could while he still can. Another told Jeremy and Audrey to enjoy rest and enjoy each other before baby Roloff comes and drastically changes their lives. Enjoying each other’s company must have been in the minds of the parents-to-be as Jeremy and the very pregnant Audrey enjoyed a spin around Roloff Farms on an ATV.

Some fans shared their own experiences with regards to waiting for their children to come. One quoted an old saying that “the apple only falls when it’s ripe,” which is just a fancier way of saying that babies come in their own time.

[Featured Image by Audrey Roloff/Instagram]

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