‘American Horror Story’ Season 7: ‘Cult’ Ads Are Terrifying People With Trypophobia

American Horror Story Season 7, titled Cult, is all set to premiere on September 5 with some of the scariest elements of the season. Prior to the broadcast of the scheduled Episode 1 “Election Night,” fans were left in horror when American Horror Story’s social media accounts shared some bizarre pictures. Within hours, fans started to talk about the shared images and how it triggered their trypophobia.

BuzzFeed pointed out that there are many people who are freaking out over the new ads for American Horror Story: Cult because they depicted various pictures of tightly clustered holes.

“H** no this is a real thing, seeing holes like that make me queasy and itchy,” one user wrote. “A phobia doesn’t always have to be serious, just irrational fear. I blocked the page, I hope I don’t see that s*** in HDTV.”

“It’s like the only thing that really really bothers me,” a second user wrote in a tweet. “It’s all because of those j**s who photoshopped dried lotuses on fingertips like 15 years ago.”

Apart from American Horror Story fans or whoever saw this recently shared image, reality TV star Kendall Jenner also shared that she also has trypophobia. Kendall revealed in her earlier interview that things like pancakes, honeycomb or lotus heads, or anything with weird patterns creep her out.

So, what exactly is trypophobia and why everyone is talking about it on Twitter and other social media platforms?

Trypophobia is not a well-known phobia, but the creative minds behind American Horror Story: Cult have triggered fear in fans who suffer from the unusual phobia with holes or bumps. It first appeared on the internet in 2005 by the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders and is believed to affect nearly 20 percent of people from around the globe.

Photos of trypophobia can easily be found on the internet; images of boiling milk, honeycomb, and lotus seed pod are some natural examples of this phenomenon. As recently reported by Mental Floss, a majority of the online images are being photoshopped as many graphic designers have incorporated different clusters of holes on human bodies, just like what American Horror Story did with the recent posters.

Trypophobia manifests an individual’s response to avoiding clusters of small holes or bumps because they usually resemble some diseases like chicken pox, leprosy, or measles.

What are your thoughts on the recently shared images by American Horror Story? Do you think the upcoming Episode 1 of Season 7, titled “Election Night,” will be as scary as the uploaded images? Share your views in the comments sections.

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