Lil Wayne Hospitalized For Seizures, Cancels Concert In Las Vegas

Fans of Lil Wayne are sad to hear the news that he was hospitalized for seizures once again. Hollywood Life shared the details about Lil Wayne’s health issues. Lil Wayne was rushed to the hospital on September 3 and then he also canceled his concert in Las Vegas at Drais Breachclub that was scheduled for tonight. A lot of fans are disappointed to miss this concert, but everyone is also worried about making sure that he is okay.

He was taken to Northwestern Memorial hospital in Chicago early on September 3 for treatment. At first, it wasn’t revealed that his concert was canceled, but the news later came out. Lil Wayne was actually found in his hotel room unconscious before they took him to the hospital. It was reported that he had at least one seizure while at the hotel and at least one more while at the hospital. There is no news on if anything else was wrong with him or what else went down.

The source went on to explain that Lil Wayne was doing better and was even trying to get doctors to release him from the hospital today. He wasn’t released in time for his midnight show, though. No word yet on when he will reschedule it or if he will.

Lil Wayne has been dealing with seizures for a while and has been still performing on stage regardless. Back in 2016, Lil Wayne had a seizure while on an airplane, but he refused treatment at the time. Sources said that he had a large amount Sizzurp, a codeine and cough syrup based drink. He never admitted to it, but went on to explain that when he started having seizures it scared him enough to get him to start making some changes in his life.

Did you have to miss a Lil Wayne concert tonight? Do you feel like it might be time for him to take a break and focus on his health? Sound off in the comments below.

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