Lindsay Lohan’s Toilet Troubles On ‘Scary Movie 5’ Set Claims

Lindsay Lohan allegedly angered Scary Movie 5 producers, and likely the set maintenance crew as well, when she supposedly trashed her trailer and clogged the toilet. The Lohan toilet fiasco claims are just the latest in a long series of allegations levied against the former Disney sweetheart.

Lohan has not yet made an official statement denying the Scary Movie 5 toilet clogging and trailer trashing rumors. LiLo supposedly told her gal pals that gossip about her toilet habits is a big load of s**t, according to the SNAFU-ED website.

The Liz & Dick start allegedly stated that she couldn’t have trashed her Scary Movie 5 set trailer because it was already in a massive state of disarray when she reported for work. Prior allegations claiming that Lohan trashed a vintage trailer once owned by movie icon Liz Taylor either make the struggling starlet a solid suspect or a likely scapegoat.

The star’s representatives and the movie producers supposedly spent weeks arguing over deductions from her paycheck being taken out to cover the trailer repair cost.

According to claims by Lindsay’s close friends, the Scary Movie 5 producers were upset with her because she failed to show up for her first day of shooting – go figure. One would think that anyone attempting to restart a career would be at the worksite early and not be a no-show right out of the gate. Lindsay Lohan supposedly stated that she had a doctor’s note to be late to filming. The star’s doctors allegedly ordered her not to fly, TMZ notes.

Lohan’s rumored denials of trailer trashing and toilet clogging are in direct contrast with what a source claims happened on the film set. The Scary Movie 5 star’s mobile dressing room allegedly was allegedly flooded due to the shower being left on and an overly full commode.

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