Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard Slammed For Resuming Fundraising As They Eat Steak

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have their online fundraiser up and running again. However, some Duggar fans aren’t exactly eager to donate to their cause. They want to know why they should be expected to part with portions of their paychecks while Jill and Derick use their own money to dine on steak dinners.

On Sunday night, Derick Dillard took to Instagram to let his followers know that his Pure Charity fundraiser was up and running again. As reported by Starcasm, the page was taken down a few days ago. When potential donors attempted to view it, they were greeted with a message saying that the fundraiser was removed for violating the Christian website’s “Terms of Use for Registered User Conduct.” However, Derick recently tweeted that he and Jill Duggar were working on getting the page back up.

Jill Duggar and her husband had only received $125 of the $6,500 they were asking for at the time the fundraiser was taken down. The money will pay for Derick’s enrollment in Cross Church School of Ministry, a year-long program that promises to prepare young Christian men and women “for life, ministry, and Gospel advancement globally.” The full cost of the program is $12,000, and it covers “two national mission experiences” and “one international mission experience.”

Many Duggar fans assumed that Jill and Derick’s fundraising days had come to an end when they announced that they were giving up on being missionaries. During their two-year mission trip to El Salvador, the couple was constantly criticized for living off of donations from fans instead of spending the money that they make from appearing on the Duggar family’s reality series, Counting On. They announced that they would not be returning to the mission field soon after Jill gave birth to their second son, and there was speculation that Derick would go back to working as an accountant to support his family.

However, now critics have had to renew their calls for Jill Duggar and her husband to use their own cash to fund their ministry ventures. A few hours before Derick Dillard revealed that their Pure Charity page was back up, Jill shared an Instagram photo of Derick preparing to pan-fry a steak on the stove. She called him the “best hubby ever” for cooking dinner, but instead of praising him for being helpful, many of her followers slammed Derick for spending money on steak.

“Stop buying steaks when your asking for your ‘fans’ to donate money for bs…you all should get actually JOBS,” read one comment.

“So we ask the public for donations to minister while we eat 12 dollar steaks a person? I feed my family of 5 a dinner that costs less than one of those steaks,” wrote another critic.

Derick Dillard also got a Twitter grilling after he shared the news that he wasn’t giving up on getting thousands of dollars from his fans. Many of his followers were appalled at his decision to keep asking for money for himself while others are raising funds for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, and a majority of the responses to his tweet about relaunching his Pure Charity fundraiser were calls for him to get a job.

“Charity begins at home!! If your in missions, go help our #Harvey victims! stop begging for money for your trip!” wrote one critic.

“Are you not ashamed of yourself? Get a job and take care of your own family and for your schooling. You have more than most, disgusting,” another tweeted.

Derick has not revealed how he plans on supporting Jill Duggar and his two young sons during the twelve months he’s enrolled in the Cross Church School of Ministry, and he has not shared any details about what he plans on doing after he completes the program.

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