‘BB19’ Live Feed Updates: Angry Christmas Fights With Josh, Says Not To Treat Her Like A ‘Club’ Girl [Video]

Sunday afternoon, as some Big Brother 19 houseguests lounged in the backyard, basking in the Southern California sun, a fight broke out between two cast members who have been close allies for most of the BB19 season.

At around 3:20 p.m. BB19 house time, Christmas Abbott and Josh Martinez could be heard on live feeds discussing how the game has been going so far when Josh began to question some of the moves being made by veteran Big Brother player Paul Abrahamian. Josh noted that many of the things Paul is advising them to do seem to only benefit Paul and no one else.

Christmas disagreed and argued that the strategy used by Paul is helping both of them get farther in the game. Josh appeared to become frustrated with Christmas and her stance, as Josh appears to have come to the realization that Paul is dominating the season and controlling the moves of other houseguests in order to win the Big Brother 19 game.

Josh got up from the backyard sofa where the two were talking, and walked inside the house, surprising Christmas, who called to him to return. He blatantly ignored her, which made her visibly upset.

Not long after, Christmas got up and followed Josh inside, finding him in the kitchen. She immediately directed him to walk with her to a back bedroom. According to Big Brother fan site Joker’s Updates, Christmas was so angry, she snapped at Josh, scolding him for walking away when she was talking to him.

As she propped her broken foot up on her scooter, she looked down at Josh, now sitting on a bed.

“You ever pull a little f*** boy move like that again, and walk away when we’re having a f****** conversation,” Christmas gruffly said to him. Christmas appeared so mad that she couldn’t help but repeat herself.

“You ever pull a f*** boy move like that again and walk away from me when we’re in the middle of a conversation, you say, ‘f*** Christmas, I don’t give a s*** about you… I don’t give a s*** about what you say.'” She then added, “I am not one of these little f****** club w****s that you can treat like that. I am a grown a** f****** woman and you do not treat me like that.”

Josh attempted to explain that he walked away from their discussion because he had to use the bathroom, but Christmas growled, “Do not interrupt me.”

“We can have conversations, we have discussions, we can have arguments… you walk away from me… not f****** Okay,” she continued.

As fellow cast mate Raven Walton entered the room, Christmas could be heard scolding Josh once more, saying, “Don’t f****** do that again.” Raven asked Josh what he had done and Christmas responded for him, stating, “He knows. You don’t need to know.”

See video below of the altercation between Christmas and Josh (Warning: Video contains strong language)


Christmas turned and left the room in a huff, as Josh remained sitting on the bed looking stunned by Christmas’ reaction and the vitriol she had just directed toward him.

Joker’s Updates reports that the two made amends several minutes later after Josh apologized for his behavior. Nevertheless, Josh began to get under Christmas’ skin again by questioning Paul’s game and theorizing a double eviction will take place during the next BB19 live show.

Although Josh’s assertions aggravate Christmas, ironically, he is correct about the double eviction and seems to currently be the only player onto Paul and his manipulation of the BB19 houseguests.

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