‘BB19’ Spoilers: Alex And Jason Discuss Raven And Her Ailments, Speculate Who Threw Week 10 POV

A majority of BB19 houseguests remain complacent and relaxed, confident they know what is going on the game due to Paul Abrahamian’s assurances. As such, little strategic talk has taken place so cast members tend to converse about one another just to pass time.

On Sunday, as Jason Dent laid on a pool float and Alex Ow sat nearby watching him, they talked about Raven Walton and the many ailments she has told them she suffers from. In addition, Alex surmised that at least one houseguest is guilty of throwing the most recent Big Brother 19 Power of Veto (POV) competition.

Alex And Jason Speculate About Raven’s Ailments

At around 3:40 p.m. Big Brother 19 house time, Alex told Jason that Raven was talking about her spine issues with fellow houseguest Paul Abrahamian.

“Again with the inverted spine… What does that make, 16 different ailments?” Jason responded.

Alex noted that besides gastroparesis, which is something she clearly suffers from, Raven claims to have fast metabolism caused by hyperthyroid, prompting Jason to make another remark.

“I think she read a medical book before she came.”

“But how could you go on TV and lie… people are going to hate you and think you’re stupid?” Alex pondered.

Jason asserted that apparently Raven doesn’t care and stated, “…if she were to win, then it would have worked.” Alex argued that it wouldn’t matter because people would still “hate” her.

Jason disagreed, saying the Big Brother 19 live studio audience “didn’t boo Matt [Matthew Clines]” when he was evicted from the show last week. Alex said that Matt, Raven’s showmance partner, believed everything she said, so the audience had nothing against him.

A recent episode of Big Brother 19 highlighted some of the incredible stories that Raven has told her fellow cast mates in a montage segment, which can be seen below.


Paul, Alex, and Jason discussed some of Raven’s many assertions about her life and illnesses in the video below (Warning: Video contains some strong language)


Did Someone Throw The POV?

Alex is convinced that Raven “definitely” threw the week 10 Big Brother 19 POV, letting Paul take the medallion of power for himself, according to what she told Jason on live feeds.

Jason is still not certain Raven would do such a thing, and is perplexed as to how it would help her game, not realizing Paul probably asked her to take the fall.

House Status So Far

Currently, Christmas Abbott is the BB19 Head of Household (HOH) and has nominated Alex and Jason for eviction. The nominees are under the impression that this is all part of a big backdoor plan to send Kevin Schlehuber out the door.

Paul’s scheme is to remove Alex from the chopping block with the POV and replace her with Kevin. Little do Alex and Jason know that instead of Kevin leaving during Thursday night’s live show, Jason is the actual house target.

If everything goes smoothly and according to Paul’s orders, fireworks and drama will likely ensue following this move in the already volatile Big Brother 19 house.

Big Brother 19 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, and Thursdays at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on CBS. Big Brother After Dark airs live nightly on the Pop cable network at midnight Eastern Time, with the exception of Thursdays, when it is broadcast at 1 a.m.

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