‘Dragon Ball Super’ Tournament Of Power To Possibly Last Longer Than Fans Originally Expected

Recently, Dragon Ball Super fans got some huge hints of what is to come when a video was released promoting the upcoming one-hour special that might see a new transformation and form for Goku. There were also rumors that the episode would see the Goku vs. Jiren battle and it might end the Tournament of Power storyline.

Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power

However, a Dragon Ball Super fan scanned a magazine that showed the upcoming television schedules and it shows that the one-hour special, scheduled for Oct. 8, won’t see the end of the Tournament of Power after all. That schedule shows the tournament stretching into November.

The actual magazine scan shows that the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power storyline will “get exciting” through the month of November. If that is true, the one-hour special in October might not mark the end of the storyline, but instead a turning point for the characters and something that will set off the eventual outcome.

Of course, the idea that Goku vs. Jiren will take place on the one-hour special of Dragon Ball Super has never been confirmed either. Much of the “news” that breaks when it comes to the popular anime show is based on speculation, although there are some rumors broke by writers of the show, such as Toshio, who likes to reveal possible spoilers.

Dragon Ball Super Rumors

However, as Dragon Ball Super superfan and translator Todd Blankenship pointed out in a recent tweet, many DBS spoilers and rumors are all unverified. The rumors that Blankenship shot down included Frieza vs. Toppo and that Vegeta vs. Hit was actually unconfirmed.

The Dragon Ball Super rumors concerning the one-hour episode stated that Goku would battle Jiren and the winner of that battle would decide on the fact of all the universes involved in the Tournament of Power. With that said, most fans assumed that the Tournament of Power would officially end at that point.

If the Dragon Ball Super Tournament of Power stretches into November, that means more than a month of episodes would still take place in the storyline, meaning there is a lot left to cover. Of course, the tournament itself could end with the Universal Survival story arc moving on, and the magazine scan could loosely connect the two.

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