Swery65’s ‘The Good Life’ Opens Up For Crowdfunding

Following a brief hiatus to focus on his health, famed developer Hidetaka Suehiro, better known as Swery65 (or SWERY), has returned in full form to the world of video game development with a new murder-mystery game titled The Good Life.

Labelled as a “debt repayment life simulation RPG,” the game follows the story of Naomi, a photographer from New York City who relocates to Rainy Woods, an isolated and backwoods town located in rural England, in order to find work to pay off a rather sizeable debt that she’s accumulated.

Aside from the many odd jobs that Naomi can pursue (in order to pay back her debt), the town is full of oddball residents, including a neurosurgeon who hates kids, a set of twins who deliver newspapers, and an insomniac mortician, just to name a few.

Originally, Naomi is put off by the town’s antiquated ways (the lack of cell service and internet, for example), but it’s not before long that she stumbles across the town’s bizarre secret: at night, all of the town’s inhabitants turn into cats.

As you might expect, Naomi will also turn into a cat at night (both Naomi and her “cat” version are completely customizable), allowing you to roam freely around town, hunt for mice, bugs, and fish, as well as find important items which relate to story events.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a SWERY game without a murder, and The Good Life more than delivers on that front. Aside from the various jobs she can work throughout the day, Naomi stumbles upon the body of a young girl, who has been pierced through the heart by an ancient, medieval sword. Before long, Naomi begins investigating the mysterious murder, armed with an ignited journalistic passion and her trusty camera, which itself is completely customizable.

The Good Life is now open for funding on Fig, the crowdfunding and investment platform that focuses exclusively on video games. The developers have set a funding goal of $1.5 million, and at the time of writing, have raised just north of $150,000, with 39 days left. A digital copy of the game can be secured by pledging a minimum of $29, and for those who are looking to invest in the game, the minimum investment has been lowered to $100 per share.

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