Creepy Clowns To Make Big Return? Pennsylvania State Police Warn About 2017 Sightings

Will creepy clowns make a big return this year? The craze in 2016 reached a fever pitch with multiple creepy clown sightings not only around the United States but the world. It all began in the late summer of last year with the scary looking clowns appearing out of the woods and on the streets to scare kids. The phenomenon originated in South Carolina with incidents of people dressed as clowns being arrested in Georgia, Alabama, and Virginia.

According to Philadelphia’s CBS Local, Pennsylvania State Police have issued a warning about a resurgence of creepy clowns for 2017. With fall upon us and the release of Stephen King’s It remake hitting movie theaters on September 8, it’s believed that creepy clown sightings will make a comeback this year.

As the Inquisitr reported a few months ago, some sightings were already reported in various states, such as California, Colorado, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and one in Maine of a one-armed clown wielding a machete; he was later arrested. Pennsylvania has also experienced a sighting in 2017 with a clown trying to give a girl money, but she reportedly ran home screaming and the clown fled. Fortunately, nothing violent came of the sightings.

Pennsylvania State Police put out a bulletin about their concerns of creepy clowns surfacing once again as Halloween season approaches. The police announced that they fully expect a spate of the sightings as soon as this month with the It movie being released. The horror film has been highly anticipated all year, and it’s predicted that some people will dress in clown costumes in an effort to scare people for the fun of it. The police add in the bulletin that creepy clown sightings are nothing new and that a number of them were reported nationwide in the 1980s.

CBS Local also reveals in its report that the World Clown Association “braces for the wave of backlash due to the upcoming release of It.”

No one has been seriously injured by creepy clowns, but people dressing up in costumes are a menace to society with their intentions to scare local citizens. The clown sightings are taken seriously by law enforcement, and they thoroughly investigate any reports they receive.

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