‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 10 Eviction Set As Plans Finalized, ‘BB19’ Ratings Still Going Up

Big Brother 19 spoilers took an interesting turn early Sunday morning (September 3). The BB19 house just played the Veto Competition, with Paul Abrahamian emerging as the winner. Now that he has the Power of Veto, Paul is safe and guaranteed a spot in the final six. It’s a spot that the two nominees covet at this point, especially after missing out on winning the competition themselves. As seen on the live feeds, though, a plan for the Week 10 eviction has already been set, even though different stories are being passed around the house.

There is a lot that has taken place in the last few days, presenting a lot of Big Brother 19 spoilers for the live feed subscribers. First, Christmas Abbott won the latest Head of Household Competition, but she had a lot of help doing it. Somehow, Paul convinced everyone to throw the challenge, allowing someone with a broken foot to win a speed contest. Then, Christmas nominated Jason Dent and Alex Ow for eviction, setting up the duo to get broken up at the next Eviction Ceremony. Paul winning the Power of Veto helps that plan.

After working out an idea with Christmas, Paul approached Jason and Alex to let them decide who he would save at the Veto Ceremony. He has done a great job of convincing them that Kevin Schlehuber is the primary eviction target and that he will help them get Kevin out of the BB19 house. Paul has also succeeded in driving a wedge between Kevin and Jason, which was something that Mark Jansen and Matt Clines had failed to do this summer. Jason has convinced Paul to save Alex from the block.

Not only has Jason Dent agreed to remain on the block as a pawn, he has been convinced that this was entirely his idea. In order to keep Alex Ow amiable for ideas down the road, Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott have also come up with an additional plan. They are going to work to split the votes, leaving Christmas as the “villain” in a tiebreaker scenario. This allows Paul to hide behind the votes and convince Alex to work with him on double eviction night. These might be the most surprising Big Brother 19 spoilers of all.

Amid all the deception and manipulation that Paul Abrahamian is carrying out, the latest Big Brother 19 ratings have come out. A report by TV By The Numbers states that the August 31 numbers were an improvement from the previous week. This means, that despite all the complaining getting done on social media by fans frustrated with the way that the season is going, more people are tuning in to see the CBS episode. The BB19 ratings are proving that what CBS is doing is working and that a returning houseguest drives the numbers.

Nearly 6.97 million viewers were estimated to have viewed the August 31 episode, with an impressive 1.9 mark in the 18-49 key demographic. The BB19 ratings were off the charts, dominating every other show on television from Thursday night. Television viewers seem to love rooting for Paul Abrahamian and as he gets even closer to becoming the Big Brother 19 winner, it may cause those CBS ratings to go up even further.

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