Kanye West Fires Back At Taylor Swift, Using T-Shirt Message To Respond To ‘Look What You Made Me Do’

Kanye West apparently has an answer for Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” dis, and he’s using a T-shirt to deliver the message.

Just a few days after the pop star released her song that appeared to blast both Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian for their extended feud with her, Kanye decided to copy a bit of her style to answer back. As the Mirror noted, Kanye borrowed the font used in the “Look What You Made Me Do” video on a T-shirt that read “She’s beyond good and evil.”

The shirt was presumed to be a reference to Taylor Swift, which would be the latest salvo in the feud that has now stretched more then five years. The two first crossed paths in 2012 when Kanye stole the stage from Taylor Swift after she won a video music award, declaring that Beyonce should have been the rightful winner.

While the two had reportedly buried the hatched, Kanye West started the drama again in early 2016 when he took a shot at Taylor in his song “Famous,” declaring that he “made that b***h famous.”

But it was what happened behind the scenes in the song that really sparked the feud. As the Mirror noted, Kanye West called Taylor Swift to ask her blessing before he dropped her name in the song, but when it came out, Taylor blasted the lyric as misogynistic.

After Taylor’s criticism, Kim Kardashian released video of Kanye’s phone call with Taylor in which she approved the song reference, the Mirror noted.

Taylor Swift apparently hasn’t forgotten the incident. Her new song “Look What You Made Me Do” had many veiled references to Kim Kardashian. As Entertainment Weekly pointed out, Taylor used imagery of snakes in teasing the release of the song and upcoming album, a reference to the snake images used by Kim Kardashian and her backers in attacking Taylor.

The feud has now extended to some of Taylor Swift’s allies. This week, the director of the “Look What You Made Me Do” video, Joseph Kahn, responded to Kim Kardashian’s criticism of Donald Trump by pointing out that both she and Kanye were at one point Trump supporters.

Kahn also appeared to clap back at allegations that he copied from Beyonce’s music video for “Formation” in Taylor’s “Look What You Made Me Do.”

So with new allies joining the fray and Kanye West’s recent T-shirt dis, it doesn’t appear the feud with Taylor Swift is showing any signs of cooling down.

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Harper’s Bazaar]

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