Seth Rollins Teases Sasha Banks Replacing Roman Reigns In The Shield

The Shield is recognized as one of the most successful stables in WWE history. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose have all reached great success as single stars since the group disbanded which is a big testament to the dominance of “The Hounds of Justice.” However, the recent reconciliation between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins has created a lot of speculation for a full Shield reunion to happen really soon.

Roman Reigns has been busy in the WWE Universal Title hunt, and he’s locked into a huge feud with John Cena heading into WWE No Mercy. When people have asked him about rejoining his brother, Roman has given an ambiguous answer. There is no telling what could happen over the next couple of months, but the fans shouldn’t hold their breath. Instead, “The Architect” has given the WWE Universe another cool idea.

During a recent appearance on the “Sam Roberts Podcast,” Seth Rollins was asked about the possibility of replacing Roman Reigns with another member. Rollins was put on the spot, but he jokingly suggested that Sasha Banks would be an interesting member to add to The Shield. Although he was only having fun during an interview, a lot of people have taken the idea to heart and love the idea of The Boss joining The Shield.

Sasha Banks Could Be Headed to SmackDown After Wrestlemania 33
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On paper, the idea of The Shield adding a female member is extremely interesting, especially if Reigns does rejoin Ambrose and Rollins at some point in the near future. A new member would add a fresh dynamic to the group and a female member would bring The Shield into the women’s division. Sasha Banks is just one of many possibilities, but the reality is that Seth Rollins was just having a little fun during an interview.

WWE Officials Have Huge Plans For Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose
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Going forward, it seems that a full reunion of The Shield isn’t likely and there are no official plans to bring a female member to the stable. Ambrose and Rollins have done a great job as a tag team over the past couple of weeks but they are just getting started. There is no way to know what’s to come for them over the coming months, but Sasha Banks joining The Shield is one of many interesting ideas that could happen eventually.

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